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Rebecca Black's epic earpornz: "Friday", the song of a generation

Okay, let's be honest with each other right out of the gate, Rebecca Black's heavily bashed single, "Friday", may be the best song ever made, or at least the most viscerally metaphoric capturing of a generation I have ever seen.

The song, riddled with lyrics as seemingly deapan and simultaneously poignant as "Friday comes after thursday...we want to have fun, fun, fun". Falling down the rabbit hole, we think we are witnessing the comedic destruction of the english pop song and some how can't look away. Which seat should we take? What should we think? The internet's seemingly unabated wrath has been unleashed on the video, demanding the blood of the singer for her "stupidity and fatness" (I read that in a random YouTube comment).

Breath in

Some laugh, some rage against their proverbial confines of reality, some are left just stumped. I can't stop smiling. In this moment, this snapshot of human communication as of 11:27 AM, 3/28/2011, a cultural battle/rage war on YouTube has reached international status, overtaking stories of civic upheaval across Africa, beating out announcement of a possible fragment of alien life contained in meteorites found on earth (http://yhoo.it/g16CX9), or how about Libyan rebels closing in on Ghadafi (http://yhoo.it/fguTh4)? The fact is that this video, this damnable piece of mystical autotunnery/kiddie earporn, has outstripped the majority of news for a wide swathe of the community. A lot of my friends at Cal, smart people, can't stop talking about Rebecca Black, and it seems that everyone is abuzz on the internet about her, is this a drug?

If you're interested, the wiki page on the song is really interesting. Wikipedia captures internet culture amazingly well - http://bit.ly/hhdKBX

It's in this moment that entertainment has taken over our lives, our attentions directed voraciously, indelibly, to an internet meme that blazing through the ranks of the internet and people's minds; This is our generation's news, at the time of this writing, there are 60,997,359 views of this video, the amount of words, communication's essence has changed. The lingo of a generation is more adept at communicating on the internet then we are in RL(:P), our tongue's more suited for the rolling sounds of digital lolz, the silent enslavement of our attention spans in search of "fun, fun, fun". When is the next thing to talk about coming? When will be numbed next? Are we having fun yet?

The internet, for better or worse, has broached global communication across the infinite networks of wires transmitting the power of a billion and a half voices at the speed of electrons, words bouncing off the nucleus of the human socio/cultural biomass. I'm starting to believe that our thoughts are no longer our own.
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