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If you atualy like halo legends than you are out of your mined because that thing is a piece of crap because when you think of halo what do you think of,just think for a couple of seconts...............................ok,if you ask me that question that i would say i think of master chief and the arbiter and in halo legends it only shows master chief crossing his arms and you hear his voice a couple of times and thats it,after that theres no more master chief.i would think of master chief because he can hurtle down from space,land on sollid concreat,and servive + he wiped out the whole flood,if that doesn't get you super pummed then i dont know what does.not only dont i like halo legends but i hate the people who made it because after they made halo legends they were asked to make a dark knight the same way and you know what...they made batman japanese.and that realy pisses me off and i dont know about you but i realy think they should cansle all the anime shows that make americans pimps or emo skater dudes who say things like ''totaly'',''rad'',''lets jam'',and other crap like that but realy...they made batman japanese,not being rasist but every one knows that batman isn't japanese.God,who ever is making all this should be in jail.and who ever is letting them make a dead space anime should be in jail.

i hear that bungie might sell halo to another compony so they can continue it.i dont know if i already told you guys but master chief never died so why cant they continue it.by the way if you dont agree with me than you are totaly but i think that master chief is better than noble 6 because noble six dies.i know he made the choice to stay but master chief wipes out the whole damn flood and is still alive.and master chief killed a fking profit and if you read about the charicters in the game manuals than you would know that no one has ever killed a profit untill master chief does....two words...bad...ass!
thats it for today,maybe because this is my 2nt today

PEACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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