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So,i've been catching up on my bungie.com and video game time so that i can write antother blog and yesterday i found out that they might make another halo because master chief never died,and how do we gamers now that....BECAUSE WE PLAYED ALL THE HALOS,WE READ ALL THE BLOGS ON DTOID,AND WEREAD POSTS ON BUNGIE.COMGAME INFORMER,AND XBOX 360 MAGS.

I know most of you own or have played G.I.JOE rise of cobra,and if you have a real gamer cence then you would know that its a frikkin ad because when you unlock charicters it tells you when the next action figure play set is out,i mean i wouldn't mined if it was bad ass beach head but scarlet,duke...seriosly?while you hye sugered gamers play the mess up of a life time i'l be shooting peeps with a sawed-off shotgun hiddin up my sleave.

Just a reminder that Gears of War 3 is coming out soon and so is mortal combat 3 so if your realy hyped about it i would suggest atualy reading the game informer that you ordered for 20 bucks that you could of used it to get something else BECAUSE ARE NOT READING IT.

PEACE OFF!!!!!!!!!
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