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Me and my friend thought "what if there was a video game tournement and there were teams named after charicters in games" for exaple team ezoi,team master chief,team ghost,team john cena,team carter.so then it would be totaly gaming no team fire ball or some crap like than or team gum ball.

Each team would play eachother like in a braket in the ncaa tournements and who ever loses plays the other teams that lost and that would be called the "EPIC FAIL" braket.then if you beat evry one then you get a free pre order game of your choice and the loseres get like a little happy meal toy or some crap like that,or just something that no one cares about like your first tooth that you lost in 1st grade or and old sticker with a "bunny wabbit on it".

Just today i was playing AC Brother hood but i like to call it AC brotherin and i got a little cought up on my video game action because i have been at my cusins house playing madden 11,but i have got to say that sports games are super fun especialy if you kick your cusins @** at it.also i know most of you hard core gamers dont realy like all those WWE games because you would rather punch the living magets out of an opponent with ryu hiabusa,but WWE is actually prety bloody because you can hit peeps in the head with a chair,hit them with a crutch,smach them with a sledge hammer or crush them with a table or ladder or bell...oh my!

well thats it for today and if you agree with my great gaming time section leave a comment about it

PEACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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