Point Lookout: DLC done well

A few days ago, my arguments for and against the very existence of DLC crept into the Community Blogs. In this post, I dismissed Dead Space 2ís ĎSeveredí DLC -- a bold move for someone who hasnít yet experienced said additional content. However, I also championed Fallout 3ís Point Lookout as an example of DLC which had been handled well. In this blog post, I am going to explain why Point Lookout is such an accomplished example of brilliant DLC.

Welcome to Point Lookout! Sun, sea and sand in abundance.

Iíve only had experience with Point Lookout recently -- I realise that I am just a little late to the party. Point Lookout was, initially, billed to me as a slice of survival horror action, one manís fight against a terrifying roster of half-bred humans set in the eerie ruins of a once-prosperous seaside town and its surrounding countryside.

It could be argued that Point Lookout is a survival horror experience. I had my share of fear within Point Lookout -- I vividly remember being chased through the swamp at night, only to take refuge in an apparently-deserted cabin and discover that I had company. However, Point Lookout has its poignant moments, too: much like all Bethesda games, there is a certain saddening element in scouring abandoned buildings and isolated ruins, finding traces of life before the apocalypse, before everything changed irreversibly.

However, an accepted formula in the gaming industry is as follows: vast numbers of difficult enemies = powerful weapons with vast loads of ammo. The poignancy of Point Lookout stops at the end of your double-barrelled shotgun. Fear not, Point Lookout does feature an array of weaponry, from the aforementioned double-barrelled shotgun to the lever-action rifle. However, the denizens of Point Lookout also have access to the same sort of weaponry -- itís worth remembering that, yes, you might have an overpowered shotgun with which to obliterate faces with, but so might your currently-engaged adversary.

That, conveniently, leads us to the half-breeds I mentioned earlier. These guys - often referred to as the Ďswampfolkí - are, on the whole, big, ugly monsters who galumph around aimlessly when theyíre not attempting to take off your head with an axe or rearrange your visage with a double-barrelled shotgun. These deformed uglies are big, strong and deceptively fast when theyíre on your trail. Theyíre numerous, and make up the majority of Point Lookoutís population. However, the swampfolk arenít the only enemies youíll have to deal with in Point Lookout: Feral Ghouls, Swamplurks (read: Mirelurks) make an appearances, as do many of Fallout 3ís robotic adversaries such as Robobrains and Sentry Bots. The player can also, exhaustingly, choose to do battle with a group called the Tribals, fruit-worshipping clansmen dressed in suitably odd garb.

Thatís generally all I can say without slipping into an in-depth review. Point Lookout is, definitely, one of the finer examples of DLC Iíve had the pleasure of playing. Point Lookout, really, could have been released as a stand-alone game following Fallout 3ís success, and I think I would rather have bought it as such. Point Lookout is probably the pinnacle of Fallout 3ís four DLCs - Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, The Pitt, and, of course, Point Lookout itself.

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