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Socom beta impressions.. of a non Socom fan

Im a 3rd person shooter sucker but I never played the socom series, the navy-marine stuff don't appeal to me.. My only previous experience with the Socom series it`s confrontation which I bough mainly because of the wireless mic so.. (go figure)

I was kind of expecting a half ass week 3rd person shoter.. yet I have to say this game seems pretty good fast paced thig feel 3rd person shooting, the weapons sound and behave diferent enough to not feel generic, you can see how they shoot different, the ballistic "draw" of the bullets it`s really good as a Bad Company 2 fan I think this one is on par, you can see the draw of the bullet trajectory and its drop, taking in count you die kind of easy gives the game the tactical feel the series is know for (i guess)..

thou the animation in the trailers looks lame, in the game they not as bad I would say COD BLOPS quality like, the 3rd cover mechanic works good enough, sometimes feels a little odd but nothing to worry about.. comparing it to games like uncharted is kind of rudimentary but well yeaa apples and bananas here.

Ther's seem to be a shitload of costumization options but I have no idea how deep is this gona be in the final game, visuals and sounds are pretty much MAG with a overhaul lighting and shadowing are pretty good, the clean a little plastic look of the game it`s well suited for a multiplayer game... I would add it runs pretty smoth and lag free for having 32 dudes online at the same time

No single or co-op in the current beta plus, while I have no much interest in the single player campaign.. I love co-op.. I think they can put something really good here if the mission design it`s good

I have absolutely no idea how this is gonna be rated in the metacritic.. not that it matter much for a niche-comunity oriented game like this.. personally think they allready broke the quality benchmark they need please the comunity, still Im not the most suited to state this..

As far as the comunity goes.. (my opinion as a noob) seems to be quite good and mature, other than the usual COD troll bashing the game for well not being COD.. a lot of people uses the mic and do the usual game talk, so it`s cool.

Any socom fan out there also in the psn plus beta can share it's impressions ? is this gona please socom fans.. myself I def looking forward to play some more and Im giving it a buy once release.

OK - I forgot to talk a bit about the downsides Iīve found (at least for me) here they are:

-Im having problems indentifying team mates, the blue name would pop up late constantly and the models arenīt that distinctive
-Arc granade would be nice
-This is not that important but for a progression system that awards the usual killstreak, be nice, be badass and so on medals.. the graphic for such cyber-awards are pretty bad.
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