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Contestoid and FNF: Hard Battle! Qalamari vs Aiayla!


1: Qalamari 1:06 (66 seconds) Other times: 1:11 (71 seconds) 1:36 (96 seconds)
2: Aiayla 1:09 (69 seconds) Other times: 1:11 (71 seconds), 1:13 (73 seconds)
3: Hitokiri Rei 1:27 (87 seconds)
3: Nihil Is Bored 1:27 (87 seconds)
5: knutaf 1:42 (102 seconds)

Now, SuperMonk4Ever would have been on this list with a time of 1:21 or so (which would have put 'em in third place, leaving Rei and Nihil tied for fourth), but this naughty boy managed break the rules on both attempts. In his first attempt, he missed the three platforms at the end. In the second attempt, he missed the three platforms AND course jumped.

Remember Rule 2 when you're doing the course, guys. No course jumping and you've got to touch all three platforms, however briefly.

Note that Qalamari asked how the course is timed. It's really rather simple. The moment you cross over onto the half-bowl which marks the start of the course, I start the clock. When your tires hit the center of the island at the end, I stop the clock. If your clip stops right when you hit the island, at the edge, I add a full 2 seconds to your time to account for orienting yourself on the centre and driving there.

Now, I've got no plans tomorrow night, and I'm thinking I might pass on the awesome, awesome Monday Night Combat FNFs I've participated in the last two weeks running to run a special, Contestoid-edition of FNF: Halo: Reach. I'll rework the map's mongoose count and spawn points to handle more people, and as many Destructoiders as they like can come in, run a few rounds, and just tell me when they successfully complete a run. I'll spend Saturday morning nursing a hangover and editing the raw videos. I figure if we restart the game every twenty minutes to half an hour, we should be able to include any latecomers and I'm sure it'd be a blast to run this thing with a bunch of other people.

I mean, you get to win a 6-inch Replica Battle Rifle or a Full-sized Replica Energy Sword, so I know it's something people might want. And there's a cool prize for Canadian (or European, or anywhere else in the world) winners if I can't ship them a miniature replica gun or full-sized replica sword.

Remember: If I get more than ten entries into this contest (that is, ten different Destructoid user who try the course and post a time, no matter what is is), well... The prize changes.

First place prize gets to pick between Halo: Legendary Edition, a Full-sized Replica Energy Sword, or a 6-inch Replica Battle Rifle. Second place picks from the two remaining prizes, and third place gets what's left.

That's if I get ten entries, mind. Everybody wins except my wallet!

A Reminder of The Rules

1) This should be obvious, but you have to run the full length of the course without modifying it or spawning a replacement Mongoose for one you let fall into the ocean. I know no Destructoiders are classless enough to do that (or stupid enough to do it and think I wouldn't notice), but I wanted to say it and get it out of the way.

2) No course jumping. While I've done my best to make sure people can't do it in the one place which was obviously ripe for it, I'm sure the more inventive of you will find a way to sequence break this somewhere. Don't bother. You've got to follow the course as laid out in the DestructoidC HowTo video on my file share for your run to qualify. This includes touching all three platforms leading down to the bottom. If you miss the first two... You gotta do it all over again. If you miss the third, you can drive up to it and bump it before driving to the centre of the bowl, but it'll add that time to your run.

3) You have to post the filename in your fileshare and a link I can copy and paste or click on TO your fileshare so that I can download the successful run clip and record an official time. And I don't want the full video with all your unsuccessful runs, I just want the one which is successful. If you're not sure how to use the theater editing mode of Halo: Reach, check out this tutorial which explains everything. But instead of mailing it to them, you post a link here.

4) You can submit multiple entries. I'll update this contest every couple of days or so with leaderboards showing the top 5 best times or whatever, and if you really want the Energy Sword replica you can submit a faster run to try to dethrone the current champ.

5) The deadline for entries is March 26th, 2011. Any entries after that don't count.

6) The winner of the contest, obviously, is the one who does the course the fastest. I may have a consolation prize for the runner up if I get enough entries.

The Course

You can find the course AND a clip of how to run the course on my file share, right here! Or you can just do a search for content using the gamer tag Zen Rain and it'll pop right up!
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