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There Was a Hole Here. It's Gone Now.

Iíve been playing a lot of survival horror games recently.

Dead Rising

Hilarious, camp, I beat a zombie to death with plates. The game isnít even scary and my thinking is that because you know that there are zombies everywhere and that every boss you meet is psychotic, it just kind of loses that element to really call it a horror game. Instead, itís a zombie survival game with a minor in time management. Seriously, the time aspect sucks. Also, you would think there would be more bathrooms in a mall. I mean itís just common design sense, arenít there going to be loads of people and loads of eateries and loads of soft drinks? Regardless, the game itself is enjoyable if you go in for periods at a time to beat zombies with things.

How Scary Was It?

Like being trapped in one of those children playpenÖforced to beat the children with a foam bat.

(Note: I do not condone child abuse)

Deadly Premonition

Before I start let me just say that I adored the game. The story, the characters, hell even the driving (after I unlocked Agent Yorkís car). The mystery itself was also pretty scary. Who was the killer? Who could rig such diabolical crimes and what was the motive? The aspect of the game that was the least scary was the action sequences of the game. I was having too much good times as Agent Yorke that I wanted his conversations with other characters to never end; So usually when the combat portion of the game began, I pretty much blew my way right through them. Also, I got the infinite ammo weapons, which even though I promised myself not to go for them, the poor, poor, incredibly poor shooting portions forced my hand to go out and look for if I wanted to finish the game. Honestly, the atmosphere and zombie things were all pretty creepy, but because I was excited to see what happened next, the creepiness wore off. Also, the flamethrower was fun until I realized that before they die, they try to take you with them by lunging at you and burning you.

How Scary Was It?

This should be called a mystery game and the combat should be removed altogether, but It can get a little creepy during the slow parts so itís as scary as: That weird feeling you get behind your back when taking a shower. Not something to freak you out, but pretty eerie.

Dead Space 2

Cheap jump out scares arenít very scary once you realize what kind of scares the developers are out to get you with. After awhile, the random creatures jumping out through windows, out of laundry machines, inside bathrooms all start to lose their edge. No, the real fear I faced in Dead Space 2 was a fluster cuck of evil. First: Iím a panicked shooter. Everytime I feel that my character is about to die from something, I rain down a hail of bullets (lasers) at the incoming threat. Second: The game gives me very few bullets. Three: Wave of enemies. Seriously, every major fight that involves an onslaught of enemies usually ends up with me having a remainder of one bullet, and if given the option I would just use that bullet to end my life.

Also, whoever thought zombie babies were funny? They arenít. During zombie apocalypse, stay the hell away from nurseries.

How Scary Was It?

It was like being locked in a room full of cockroaches armed with only a fly swatter. Better start stomping.


The plot, setting, and set pieces are all very interesting and I adore the aesthetics, but I have the same problem with it as Dead Space 2, namely: No Bullets.
Also, Big Daddies are hard as hell to take down!

How Scary Was It?

Like trying to take down a rhino with a paintball gun. A lot more horrifying than it sounds.

Metro 2033

Remember the bullet problems Iíve been having? This game makes Bioshock and Dead Space 2 look like charitable bullet banks in comparison. Seriously, this game is a bit too much for my skill level. Maybe in the future.

How Scary Is It?

Like trying to take down tanks with a slingshot and like, 2 pebbles. Also, the tanks make scary noises and have sharp teeth and look like demons.

Silent Hill 2

Where the steel pipe is god! Seriously, I didnít even need my gun! All I needed to do was either run or beat things down with a steel pipe. No, despite the fact that I felt like I had an unbeatable weapon, this game is the scariest of the ones I played with so far. The fear really goes deep inside you. I honestly found myself hesitant to move on to the next stage because I was genuinely scared of what was further down the hall. Iím usually good with disassociating myself from a game but I really grew to care about James (The main character). Sure he inflects his voice at the oddest times, but his story and character is compelling enough that I didn't want him to die until he found his wife. The game was just so unnerving that Iím pretty sure I became schizophrenic. (Note: I did not die once in the game)

How Scary Was It?

I occasionally woke up throughout the night and became enemies with my closetÖ.again. Scary stuff man.

Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4

I just recently found these two games in an obscure Gamestop while visiting a friend.

First I want to say: About damn time.

Okay, rarity aside, my backlog at the moment is so large I thought it would be a good idea to play these two simultaneously. Not at the same time of course, but one right after the other. An hour with one and an hour with the other.

Now Iíve made some bad decisions in my life, but this was one of the worst.

Silent Hill 3.

Coming out of Silent Hill 2 I want to say this: THE PIPE!!! IT DOES NOTHING!!!
More action heavy, creepier images, giant enemiesÖ.fun.

At least it came with a cool soundtrack!

Silent Hill 4.

The 1st person aspect was pretty cool and OH MY GOD IS THAT A FACE?!?!?!
I was already feeling tense out of my mind after playing Silent Hill 3 so I didnít get any further than the first 4 minutes. Also, the noiseless opening intro pretty much sealed the realization that I made a horrible mistake.

Well that was my first non interview, non random blog in a long time. I don't know if I should invest more time into blogs like these.
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