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Homefront vs Call of duty Black Ops

Homefront a game about a occupied Amercia taken over by North Korea and begin a fighter of freedom. As the story is good the campaign needed to be twinked a little before realese. For Example it was a supershort campaign, It took me less than 3 hour to complete is on the hardest mode there is. Black ops on the other hand took me atleast 8-9 hours. Homefront is way more realistic than black ops like in begin shot, it takes 2 shots to kill you in Homefront and like 20 in BO. I do like really enjoy both multiplayer but i perfer Homefront the only reason i still have BO is because of Zombies which ill talk about in a other blog. Homefront graphics arent great but i dont care about graphics much since i dont have a huge hd tv. They did that because they want at least amout of lag they can get even though you do get a lag spike once in a while. In Bo you can be laggy for 5 games in a row and have the worst games. I like how in homefront you can use vechicals, people might say thats a bit overpowered but they even them out def. in Battle commander, Black ops has killstreaks but its a time limit on those, in HF its how long you can survive.
Homefront over black op ______________________________________________________________________________________
knifing is alot better than BO
more realistic
way more tactical
get to spawn in vechicals if you want

Black op over Homefront

way more servers
alot more people (due to not much advertising)
alot more guns

so if I have to decide which is better ill have to pick Homefront
leave a commet below and tell me what you think and which you do you like better.
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