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Innovation syndrome

Iīve been questioning more and more whatīs with this "innovation" convulsion that plagues the gaming comunity?

While true innovation itīs something to look forward to achieve progress in any field, Im starting to feel that the concept is moslty used in gaming as a marketing tool by publishers, and a lot of gamers eat it as mindless sheeps.

Look for example at COD while It doesnīt tingle my fancy I can understand while it has become an unoficial national sport, would it be this popular if devs in the holy name of innovation were making core gameplay changes every delivery? would starcraft, Halo or Battlefield be the same.. I donīt think so

Yet perhaps this missunderstanding that games need to "innovate" comes from the good old bad habit of comparing video games with movies or books, while itīs in fact dumb to grab and read over and over again the same book for months ( and i highly doubt someone other than religious fanatics do it ), we are failing to understand that video games are GAMES, and should be related, mesured or comparted whithin the field of GAMES such as Chess, Poker, Dominoes, Puzzle and so on

Seen this way it is just natural that early video games were adaptations of real life board games, puzzles or card games. Said so a game should be rated mostly for its core gameplay thus in it is were itīs longevity value relays, developers that understand it are the one most likely to succed with long lasting game play mechanichs such as Blizzard, Bungie or the COD series.

I fail to understand why is there this missunderstanding notion that playing new games, lots of games, games that "do new stuff" gives you a moral high ground to bash someon that has made of a game itīs personal sport?... I donīt see chess players bashing poker players because "they only play poker.. omg thatīs so dumb you playing the same game every year"

As conclusion personally I have more respect for that gamer that masters that one single game taking it almost into an artform than those always looking for the next big thing in order to disccuss the highly detail and complex story line and drama of seasonīs blockbuster.. which being honest writting in video games mostly sucks ...
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