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C-Blog Interviews: Scotty G

First, a basic question. Why did you start blogging? And why here specifically?

Eh... I just had things to say that I didn't think were fit for forum posts I guess. They have their place, but I've never been able to keep up with a forum of any decent size (even dtoid), and that's always put me off. I'm that obsessive-compulsive person that would want to read every post, or at least have everything tagged as read.

As for why Destructoid? Similar to your GamesAreArt interview (great interview btw!) I was using Gametrailers for videos. In 2007 I watched a Bonus Round episode[1] with representatives from Destructoid, Kotaku and Joystiq and looking for some new gaming sites to read started following them. Only Destructoid kept my interest though, Retroforce Go in particular. I was between jobs and dealing with family emergencies all that summer, and Retroforce Go really helped get me through some rough times. After going to E 4 All that fall and being too nervous to say hi to anybody from Destructoid, I made my account and the rest is history! :)

One word to describe yourself.


Favorite Food.

Pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.
Uh... did I happen to say, I want pizza?

Such a classic food that you can do so much with, and you can eat leftovers right out of the fridge! <3

Favorite Game.

A lot of NES-era games I'd like to mention, but I have to give it to Doom/Doom II. The shareware version helped shape me as a PC gamer and first person shooter fan, and the endless supply of quality WADs kept me hooked for years. I've only seen one series of games that can compare to the speed, intensity and adrenaline rush that they can still provide.

How did you get to become a recapper?

I've always appreciated the work recappers have put in, especially back before there was a whole team dedicated to it. I didn't decide previously that I wanted to do it, but when one of the calls for additional recappers was put in I decided to answer. Absolutely love it, as it helps me make a point to stay engaged with this community I love so much.

What do you look for in a Topsauce?

Something good, something entertaining, but most of all something unique. I've seen so many writings that, while not bad, have nothing unique to offer. Either it's something that's been written to death without a unique perspective, or just anything that feels like it was cut from a mould. Give me a reason to read your writeup over this other one! Of course not being unique doesn't mean a fail for me, so don't get too discouraged! :)

Sadly that attitude has carried over into my writing habits, as I've abandoned many ideas because I didn't know how to make them unique. Being bland isn't ideal, but at least it's practice that you're (hopefully) learning with.

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

Thought about it for quite awhile, I think I'll pass on this one.

If you could hug anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

There is a lot of people I would love to hug. Niero for starting this whole thing, Ron for making me take notice of the site in the first place, Chad/Colette/Dyson/Topher for really drawing me in to the heart of what Destructoid is about, the plethora of community members for making memorable moment after memorable moment.

If I had to pick just one though it'd be our own PC writer Jonathan Ross. He's one of the first community members I introduced myself to, and on top of being a great friend since the old days when Team Fortress 2 had a large presence on the site he's my go to for wine and food snobbery. :)

If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do.

Spend the first bit saying my goodbyes, and settling any affairs that I wouldn't want to burden others with. Then I'd get into a car and drive... just drive as far as I could to the coast to that magical spot to watch a perfect sunset...

When I grow up I want to be�

Growing up is for people who want to get old. [Law�s Notes: Best Answer Award]

Now that I�m old I can finally�

Lose my hair apparently...

So PC FNF? Advertise!

Oh man, PC FNF. That was my darling for quite awhile.

Um, not sure what you mean by advertise because I don't really do it anymore. I definitely miss it, as it was a twice a week staple for... god, probably over two years. CaffeinePowered (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/caffeinepowered) ran them from the inception of the Destructoid Team Fortress 2 server, and I took over when he was taken away because of other duties. Sadly PC FNF (at least that incarnation) kind of lived and died with TF2. It was just such an easy avenue for people to hop on and play all night, or maybe for just 20 minutes. Once Left 4 Dead came along though and people started moving on to other games it petered out.

I would love to get it going in some form again. Even with my paltry hardware (6 year old laptop) there are games worth playing. I'm going to go the cop out route though and say there's a lot of personal stuff that's keeping me from being able to focus on much aside from just simply playing games. Hopefully soon though, as the Steam group has been more active than I've ever seen it and it'd be nice to see PC FNF brought back to its former glory.

Your banner is amazing�..Did you make it yourself?

I wish! I added the title bits at the top and the source credit at the bottom, but the actual image was done the amazing Paul Robertson (http://probertson.livejournal.com/) who you probably know from the Scott Pilgrim game, Kings of Power 4 Billion %, and others. The man is a magician with sprites and on top of a very vivid imagination has an inhuman attention to detail, making gorgeous sprites that you'll only see for a a few frames in one of his videos. Hamza's original Tako King avatar (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3537/3492888922_01d397a07e_o.gif) is actually one of his creations.

I take it that you liked PAX�.

Well the last one had some parts I wish didn't happen, but overall I've loved PAX. For any Dtoider it's a place to put faces to your online friends, to meet new ones, or to catch up with ones you don't see as often as you'd like. It's a great place to just enjoy being a geek with other geeks... even if many of them don't understand good hygiene...

Did you cure your procrastination? Because if you have I need the cure�like now.

No, but I'm sure I'll figure it out later.

I�m also a cat person. We got nothing against dogs it�s just that cats�

Are a-okay!


Where would you most like to travel or go to (events in time maybe?) and why?

Oh, tough one. Time I'm not sure, but I would absolutely love to drive down the whole west coast. I drove all the way across Canada last summer, and it really had an effect on me. It was a thrilling experience and by far the highlight of my attempts to get my life back together.

Well, I guess if I could choose a time I'd pick the 1950s. Such a more happy go lucky time (that we're paying for now of course), where someone could actually shut themselves away from the rest of the world when going on such a journey.

If you can ask the community a question, what would it be?

What's one thing you would improve about Destructoid?

[1] If you're interested in linking them, here's part one (http://www.gametrailers.com/bonusround.php?ep=8&pt=1) and part two (http://www.gametrailers.com/bonusround.php?ep=8&pt=2)
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