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My 3DS Experience: At Best Buy [QuickBlog]

I say, At Best Buy, because I'm not sure where else I'll have a try to get one. Maybe a friend will get one and I'll get to see more in-depth action. Best Buy severely limited my 3DS testing to one game; Pilotwings Resort.

So just yesterday I managed to get a quick ride over to Best buy to try out the 3DS. I was expecting lines or something like that, but it was completely empty, probably because of how weirdly they placed it (The other machines on display [Tablets, phones, etc.] were all at the front, but the 3DS was far back to the very left of an aisle.)

Lemme start with a quick rant before becoming positive. Who puts a flying game in the 3DS to display it? Flying could be the worst genre for handhelds, seeing how well they perform on other consoles (PC). I figured they might have other things to try, but they disabled the home button. And powering down and up just brought back pilotwings resort.

Alright, onto the positive. The 3D is gorgeous. It's not Pop-out-of-screen, it's depth-of-field 3D. I was expecting the opposite, but it didn't matter. The game still looked very nice for the 3DS and I was having trouble flying my plane for the controls sucked and I was mesmerized by 3D. I wasn't mesmerized so much as to want to buy it for $250, but mesmerized as in I had a quick drooling session.

The negative? I don't know if I have messed up eyes or what, but I had to get my head really close to the top screen to get the 3D effect. It says 10-14 inches, but for me it felt like I had to bring it within 3 inches. I don't have bad eyes. No lazy eyes, I don't wear glasses. But the screen kept getting cut in half by a randomly flashing black line, or so it seemed, when I was too far away. Turning it to 2D fixed this but ruined the idea of the 3DS. And having to hold a 3DS that close to my face for so long, the weight of it starts to make my arms shake after a good session. Not that I could pick up the 3DS; but I'm assuming it weighs about as much as the DS if not more.

It was a pretty quick demonstration and I would have stuck around longer had I not been bending my spine WAYYY out of proportion, but that long was good enough for me.
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