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Who I want you to see Ė an introduction

Hi, Iím new here but this isnít my first post on the site. Iím not a very experienced ďbloggerĒ per se, but Iíve written countless words on forums, pages, myspaces and walls over the years. Iím not really sure how I got here, but I know that the community, one of the best Iíve seen in my years on the interwebs, is why Iíll stay for a long time. People are curteous without being ďpolitically correctĒ and give you feedback without, normally, being douchetards about it. In a few words, Destructoid is that lemonade on a magical party island full of smart hot people stuck in a sea full of pedophiliac, homophobic, racist, evangelical, prostheltyzing trolls and Satanists. Basically those people who post on Yahoo! News.

Sooo, now I guess I introduce myself. My name is Will and Iím a 23 year-old Cal student who is graduating in two months. WAHOOOO! Since Iím on Destructoid, it goes without saying that I love the shit out of videogames, but Iím going to say it anyways ☺. The world to me is fascinatingly small and large at the same time. Where the future is heading is anybodies guess, but, since Iím writing my thesis on it, Iím willing to bet that the majority of peopleís lives will be spent in the virtual medium if that already isnít the case. On the subject of my thesis, Iíll be posting snippets of it up here in the blogs in the coming weeks, mostly focusing on my musings about online communities and the developing nature of virtual communications. It would be awesome to hear from the DToid community on your thoughts and predictions for the future and Iím stoked to engage in a dialogue with everybody. Iíve been working in social networking editorial circles for a while (last year as an editorial intern at IGN) and Iíd really love to keep heading in that direction in the future (so give me some job offers! :P)

One of my closest companions is a doggie named piper, Iíve got a special place in my heart for cheap Indian food and few things are as relaxing to me as lying on a beach in the cold sunlight of Half Moon Bay, Ca. Itís a pleasure to get to hang with all of you☺
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