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My Top 5 Favorite Shooters (FPS & TPS)

(In case anyone is wondering, TPS = Third person shooter. Also, these 5s do NOT include Shoot 'em ups.)

Free Monday Night Combat on steam for this weekend really renewed my faith in the shooting genre. It was something new and took a completely different spin on shooting games. Excluding this year, it seems like a lot of the shooters coming out are just the same ones we've seen before (I say exclude this year because it seems we have more unique shooters this year than any other). Halo is halo, CoD is the same game every time, and so on. Even homefront was a massive dissapointment.

So, in honor of Monday Night Combat raising my spirits in terms of how shooters are coming along, here are my top 5 shooters.

#1: Battlefield 2

Any time people ask me why I don't like Call of Duty, I respond, “Battlefield 2”.

Battlefield 2 is a very intense war shooter that requires skill, tactical strategy, and planning. There's vehicles but they're no where close to overpowered because there are always ways to take them out. This game is about as balanced as TF2, if not more. Tanks do heavy damage but can easily be taken out with C4 or anti-tank mines, for example.

Battlefield 2 doesn't even have regenerating health, which is glorious. In a Mainstream shooter like CoD, you can get into a 1 on 1 with someone, and then when your health is low you can run like a chicken and have it perfectly healed. Not in Battlefield 2. That's why there are medics. You have to communicate to them and hope they're listening to get helped. This means there is no more chickening out of bullet-fights. You have to keep shooting until there is only one person left.

And this may one of the few games I have very few problems with. And my entire problem is just one map, Strike at Karkand.

All in all, I'm glad I picked this game up for $5 during the steam sales. Best $5 I've ever spent.


-Portal: This would have gotten on the list...if I could say it was a "fps". It has FPS elements in it, but other than that, it's still a puzzle game.

-Bioshock: Technically, Bioshock is a FPS. Yet I don't consider it one. Why? The gameplay was so flat in terms of the shooting; the game was more about the story/atmosphere than the actual gameplay. It wasn't as much of a game as it was a cinematic experience.

-Bad Company 2: Didn't seem to have nearly as much as Battlefield 2 did, even if it came after Battlefield 2. It was basically Battlefield 2 optimized for consoles.
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