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Comments of the week – 5 years of JOURNALISM edition


Originally I was going to write the beginning about THE AWESOME METAL GEAR SOLID L4D CAMPAIGN THAT YOU SHOULD ALL DOWNLOAD but Dtoid doesn’t turn 5 every week so here’s a late happy birthday:

As a gift we’ll be doing business as usual (because we’re cheapskates) so on to the comments!

From : http://www.destructoid.com/ea-wants-dead-space-to-be-as-big-as-resident-evil-196187.phtml

I prefer games that keep all the good things in other games but always add in something fresh to not be too similar.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/ea-accidentally-bans-player-from-dragon-age-ii-196272.phtml

If you buy your games: You own them. No terms of conditions or EULAs should get in the way of that.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/writer-it-s-dumb-to-talk-about-gaming-s-citizen-kane--196273.phtml

Art is subjective so whether or not you think games are art or not doesn't really matter as long as we all just want better games rather than better movie-games. After all:

Nic Cage films are thought to be part of a higher class than games. I want you to think about that.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/angry-birds-boss-claims-consoles-are-dying-196361.phtml

This guy is acting like Kanye West of video game developers. No one wants to be the Kanye West.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/david-jaffe-criticizes-media-praise-for-art-games-196368.phtml

Again, art is subjective, blah, blah, blah...

From : http://www.destructoid.com/review-homefront-196389.phtml

Nothing else needs to be said really.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/constructoid-sagat-vs-the-handsome-boy-all-stars-196351.phtml

Never forget that Sturgeon's Law applies to people too.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/ubisoft-pirates-own-music-for-assassin-s-creed-ost--196510.phtml

Torrenting =/= piracy guys. (Not that downloading it normally would have been any better. Bad Ubisoft.)

From : http://www.destructoid.com/beyond-good-evil-hd-coming-to-psn-this-may-196622.phtml

I still don't get the point or problem with timed exclusives. Chances are whoever got it first are going to act as quality control and beta testers for the improved version coming your way.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/ps3s-no-longer-blocked-in-europe-as-sony-wins-appeal-196137.phtml

In loading screens we trust.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/pegi-demands-misleading-we-dare-ads-removed-196186.phtml

Seriously click the link to that story at your own peril.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/ea-sneaks-securom-drm-onto-dragon-age-ii-disc-196185.phtml

Doing shit like this doesn't stop piracy but it does scare people from buying your games.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/indie-rock-band-the-national-lend-song-to-portal-2-196219.phtml

They all look so excite

From : http://www.destructoid.com/mortal-kombat-loses-australian-appeal-still-banned-196364.phtml

Fortunately the 90's were the shit.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/next-up-for-minecraft-wolves-yes-wolves-196713.phtml

I feel so proud for getting that joke.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/molyneux-fable-3-not-so-great-fable-4-must-amaze-you--196680.phtml

Okay Peter I get it. You like including finer details rather than important gameplay features or hiring decent writers but all I wanna know is where are our acorns and WHERE THE FUCK ARE OUR TREES?!

From : http://www.destructoid.com/chair-more-shadow-complex-a-question-of-when--196226.phtml

I miss the days when people used to link away from Jim articles when they wanted to back up opinion or speculation as fact rather than acknowledging there isn't a scapegoat for everything.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/darkspore-requires-constant-internet-connection-update--196271.phtml

Good news: pro/anti PS3 bullshit in the comment section is dying down
Bad news: Douchebags still exist

From : http://www.destructoid.com/pachter-kinect-outselling-playstation-move-5-1-196367.phtml

Bakewell, buddy, you made it clear you don't like the Patcher articles from every other time you've posted in them. I don't really care either way (both sides can be equally as retarded) but bitching about them each time a new one is posted won't make them go away.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/korea-rates-super-street-fighter-iv-arcade-edition-196375.phtml

You know I tried to mix up this Commentoid by not including the usual commenters and trying to put the same person in twice. Nearly made it before I saw Rogue now try to convince us that arcades are dead and Street Fighter plays better with a controller.

lol. No.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/in-which-i-break-down-why-homefront-s-plot-is-impossible-196221.phtml

Matt is really starting to remind me of a less cool and likeable version of the question:

From : http://www.destructoid.com/review-okamiden-196349.phtml

Comments like this just annoy me. They don't seem to have any purpose but pissing down on everyone's parade. I mean if OtakuDad gave reasons why he disliked the games or just stated that he didn't think it looked that interesting no problem but calling it ugly is just useless to everyone.

From : http://www.destructoid.com/bethesda-you-re-lying-if-you-say-graphics-don-t-matter-196533.phtml

All Jim haters are bi for Jim: CONFIRMED

From: http://www.destructoid.com/sony-s-shaving-gel-ps3-promo-goes-horribly-wrong-196691.phtml


Fact checking motherfucker! DO. YOU. DO. IT?

Well that’s all from me this week. Look forward to a return of the regular rotation next week but right now it's 1AM and I need some sleep. See you guys next time!

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