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C-Blog Interviews: I Eat Qalamari For Breakfast

And so C-Blog Recapper Week Begins and I'm micromanaging meaning I'm writing questions as I go so some of the Recappers may not have gotten questions yet. Do not worry, I'm working on them. Also cocks.

L-First, a basic question. Why did you start blogging? And why here specifically?

Q-Well, I'm not gonna lie. The thing that drew me in at first was the contests. I think it was near the PS3's launch and the site was giving one away. I noticed the quality of the writing while I was scanning the front page though, and I really liked what I saw from Rev. Anthony, Chad, and Linde especially. It was clear that the site wasn't afraid to let it all hang loose, the writers were free to show off their own personalities. There's no pretention, and I respect that. It's what attracted me to Penny-Arcade, and it's what kept me around here, too. WYSIWYG, you know? I wish I could say I've been blogging here, but the truth is, I don't very much. Most of what I would blog makes its way into the recaps, so my personal blog only gets updated once in a blue moon. I should really work on that.

L-One word to describe yourself.

Q-Loquacious. Hm, that's a bit pretentious. Maybe we can portmanteau those. Loquentious? I'll define that as a guy who has a big vocabulary and doesn't mind showing it off. Yeah, that fits. And that's interesting, considering I just got through saying I don't care for pretention.

L-Favorite Food.

Q-Souls. In ranch sauce.

Oh, wait, that's Om Nom's schtick. Geez, I dunno. What do squid eat? Plankton?
For human food, I have been given the knowledge, passed down through the generations of my mother's family, on how to make a dessert known as a "chocolate roll." It looks like a big ol' Hostess Ho Ho, but it's so so much more delicious. It is to a Ho Ho what a fine wine is to a bottle of aboriginal arm drippings.

L-Favorite Game.

Q-This is a hard one, there've been so many! I'm gonna cheat a bit. My favorite game music came from Chrono Cross; I still listen to that from time to time. My favorite multiplayer game has gotta be the Smash Bros. series. I think my friends and I maxed out the clock on Melee, though I haven't even come close on Brawl. And for single player, I'll go with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I used to play through that game every Halloween. Oh, and runners up in the three categories are NES Duck Tales (music), Left 4 Dead 2 (multiplayer), and the Ratchet and Clank series (single player). So yeah, I'm kinda all over the place.

L-Congratulations on the engagement! Tell me, do you feel any different?

Q-I do. It feels... RIGHT though. It's not the big things that have changed... it's a lot of little things. Like my fiancee and I were talking this morning about putting both our names on the electric bill and car insurance. It's funny how something so simple can change everything about your life. (Er, not the electric bill. The engagement thing.) And man, weddings are COMPLICATED. My lady's handling most of the complicated stuff, and even at that, you'd better believe I'm only doing this once.
That's not to say there's not going to be some big changes soon. I've been living on my own for the past 6 or seven years, so that's gonna be an adjustment for both of us. The house we're moving into has an extra room though, so I get to put all my toys and games in one place. We were calling it the "man room," but then she decided she didn't want to be left out, so she's taken to calling it the "game room" instead!

L-How did you get to become a recapper?

Q-I used to read them all the time when it was still being done by various members of the community, before there was an official (well, semi-official) recap blog. I used to be pretty good friends with Scary Womanizing Pig Mask, who at that time was acting as a reserve. I was talking to him on Steam or something and he eventually (like, over the course of a couple of months) convinced me I could be a reserve too. I started out that way and eventually moved into my regular Monday gig when one of the other regulars had to step down. Originally I did it as a way to give back to the community, but honestly, I think I've gotten more out of doing this than I would have doing a regular blog. It's been great, I've made some really good friends and met a lot of amazing people, both in person at PAX and over the internet. I owe Destructoid a lot, and if I can repay it at all by doing this, I'm thrilled to do so. I made a conscious decision a couple of years ago to try and open up a little more (I think I said as much on my 10 things post... (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Qalamari/10-things-you-most-assuredly-don-t-know-about-me-120366.phtml) and the results have been incredible. I thank everyone who has accepted me as I am.

L-What do you look for in a Topsauce?

Q-Originality, for one thing. That and... well, it sounds corny, but I want it to speak to me. Usually that's because it's a very well written piece or it makes me see something in a different light. But occasionally I'll promote a blog because of the community's comments, even if the blog itself is a festering pile of triceratops droppings. Occam's and his image-fu have gotten me to laugh after many a failblog.

L-If you could punch anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

Q-Spammers, adbots, bloggers promoting some other website, and with rare exception, those who post blogs that originally appeared on another site.

L-If you could hug anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

Q-Oh man. Just one? Well, all right then. I'd have to say Megastryke/Tony Ponce, for introducing me to Beyamor and being godfather to our swarm of squidclouds. (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Tony+Ponce/the-pax-misadventures-of-beyamor-and-qalamari-169521.phtml) I hope he can make it to PAX prime this year. Failing that, I'll go with Funktastic, even though I actually HAVE hugged him before. He knows why.

L-So the Eagle Scouts eh? How was that like?

Q-Er... you mean WHAT was that like? What are you, FOREIGN or something? = p

I kid, I kid.

They say that less than 2% of the boys who enter the Boy Scouts make it to Eagle, so it's nice to know that I'm a member of a fairly exclusive club. It's been quite a while now since I did it, but it was a good learning experience for the rest of my life. I was 16 when I did the project, and I learned more about managing time, resources and people than I ever had before. My project was organizing my troop to make signs for the local library; directional, certain genres of books, where the restrooms are, that sort of thing. When the library moved into a nicer building a few years ago, they called and asked if I wanted the signs back, so my mom helped me make a bookshelf out of them. It's pretty cool to have a keepsake like that.

L-Wooo Pokemon! Which pokemon is your favorite? Your least?

Q-Full disclosure; at the time I'm writing this I haven't played through the new Black/White games yet, so this answer may change, though I don't expect it to. My favorite, all time is Metagross. (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/376.shtml) It's a giant fuckin' deathtank on four huge metal legs with a mind that can crack planets in half, and it's got a big ol' "X" riveted on its face so it constantly looks pissed off. My least favorite is probably Octillery (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/224.shtml) for ensuring that there will never be an actual squid Pokemon. Seriously... we're in the 5th generation now, over 600 of the little bastards and the closest thing to my animal totem of choice is a friggin' red cuttlefish?! Meanwhile there's like 12 turtles? (Wanders off, grumbling)

L-If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do.

Q-For starters, I'd question your medical credentials. Who are YOU to give me such awful news, and in such a fashion? Man.

I considered saying I'd gather all my enemies around me and tell them I have a fabulous treasure buried somewhere in the Mojave desert. I begin telling them where to find it, but my dying breath comes just before the vital information that would allow them to recover it. But truthfully, I don't have anyone I dislike that much. Honestly? I'd probably just throw a big-ass party for everyone I know, kind of a pre-emptive wake. Everyone always says the nicest things about you after you're already dead and can't appreciate it. I'd rather hear it firsthand. Kinda like Bender's funeral on Futurama. (LOUDER AND SADDER!)

L-When I grow up I want to be�

Q-Confident. Sophisticated. A man of the world. But THAT ain't happening, so I'll settle for happy and loved.

L-Now that I�m old I can finally�

Q-Feel old. I've had some bad luck with injuries lately, feels like I'm falling apart piece by piece. And we just had a medical scare with my dad. You always think your parents are immortal until the universe decides to show you otherwise. On the other hand, I have a fantastic lady who tolerates my various imperfections and a gaming setup that would have blown 15-yr-old me's eyes right out the back of his head. I can't complain too much, y'know?

L-Where would you most like to travel or go to (events in time maybe?) and why.

Q-Since you're giving me the option of time travel, I'd have liked to have seen Japan before the recent... well, catastrophe doesn't seem like a strong enough word. I can't imagine what those people are going through. I don't know if the country will ever be the way it was before. Sorry to end on such a downer.

L-If you can ask the community a question, what would it be?

Q-When did you first start to accept the fact that you're a geek?

We're supposed to answer this too, right? For me, it was in college. The first year I went I met a group of guys who had the same interests I did... playing vidyagames (Tekken 2 had the most AMAZING graphics back in 1996, guys), Magic: the Gathering, and they played Dungeons and Dragons for about 8 hours every weekend. I loved it, though admittedly my grades did suffer. I haven't stayed in contact with those guys but I'd like to imagine they're still sitting around that table, fighting Star Vampires and giant golems with Beholders for eyes.
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