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Hello, My Name is LawofThermalDynamics and I've Been Here a Year


Apparently this is a thing.

Uh�my anniversary was actually in January but I guess I thought it was in March�sorry. Everyone seems to be doing one of these so while everybody is busy loving and hugging one another I figured why not throw myself into the fray?

My intro. So young, so na�ve. Wait�.seriously? This was my intro? I really had no idea what I was getting into did I? At least I got better�right?

Moving on.

If I could explain all the amazing things that I�ve come in contact to because of Destructoid it would probably take forever and ever so even though I wanted to write a large epic about the site, I would probably just end up rambling. In an effort to be kind and courteous, I will keep my awkward mouth shut for a long period of time.

I love you. I do, I really do. The reason why I started the interviews was because I love you. I was curious to know about you, what you like, what you did, the type of people you are. If you weren�t amazing people why would I want to talk and share things with you? No, seriously. Why would I? If I started the interviews because I didn�t care about the people I interviewed than not only would that make everything a long boring process, but a superficial and hollow existence and I really hope the affection is felt in those questions.

As for the people, there are many I want to, in the spirit of the community, thank and tell people I love, but as brought to my attention, my �love� has been spread around so much it is the equivalent of prostitute smiles. I can�t bone people because that�s Mr. Dixon�s thing so I guess I�ll just have to sit here and stare at you awkwardly until you realize that it is a stare of love�.I have to stop using that word if I want it to retain any value.


Occams Electric Toothbrush- You were my first regular commenter and I don�t know if you were just being kind or commented on everyone�s blog, but your presence made me want to get better at the whole blogging thing. Seriously, if it weren�t for you I�d be gone�maybe over at IGN or something�.ew.

Elsa- You too. You�re encouragement was a great motivator and your approval was something I sought for some weird, possibly psychologically repressed, reason.

Mr. Andy Dixon- I wonder if there�s anything I can say that hasn�t already been said. Thank you for being the first person I could use in a sexual harassment lawsuit but then you wouldn�t be allowed to do that anymore and I�d be sad. Hopefully the hat fits your daughter�s head ; ) (Oops did I spoil the surprise?)

Beyamor- God damn are you one cool customer. Just being near you makes me feel smart. I�m glad you and I could become friends. (At this point, I�m going to have to assume we�re friends, if not, then my comments are borderline creepy)

Enkido- I miss you�please come back�.I know you got things going on in your life but iRock was something that got me into blogging in the first place. (Wait�Beyamor introduced the iRock�but Enkido had pics so�.)

Corduroy Turtle- Your name was weird and you still don�t follow me on Twitter which, being the low self esteem person I am, makes me question if I�m annoying on Twitter (also causes me the actual grief of having to specifically make a special Tweet just for him if I want to contact him at all�selfish) �.But aside from that, you�re on team Radiohead with me against Xzyliac and you were also another person who was there for me since the beginning and for that I thank you. (Goddamn that came out superficial....sorry 'bout that)

Stevil- I don�t remember when exactly we got acquainted, but I distinctly remember you from the first few weeks at Dtoid. Maybe it�s the anglophile in my veins or the kindness in your heart, but thank you. Watch Baccano. Infinitely more uplifting than Paranoia Agent.

There are so many people I want to thank, but those 7 (The 7 Samurai) were the ones who were there for me since the beginning and if it weren�t for them I probably wouldn�t be here right now.

Special mention goes to AlphaDeus: I want you to know that it was because of your blog that I started the Interviews.

Also CrimeMinister: Yours was probably the first voice from Dtoid I ever heard live and podcasting with you has been an adventure. Chat me up anytime buddy.

Also, also ThoughtDevourer (AngelEena): Late night chat sessions are the best part of my insomniac nights.

Rex: Haven�t forgotten ya buddy.

Steezy: You sound a lot more gentle in person did you know that? Quite soothing actually.

And Commentoid: Led by the glorious Capt. Bus and fellow shipmates sailing across Dtoid in search for hidden treasure. How could I forget you?!?!

Hoo boy�.I want to write everyone�s name here, but in the spirit of not wasting your time I will say this. Did we ever share more than a few words? Did we ever have a conversation on Dtoid, Twitter, or Skype? Have I interviewed you? If so, then that would mean that you hold a special place in my heart. (Apathy and Daxelman and Kraid I�m looking your way) (You too T3M0RR0W and Handsome)(Fame and OMNOM) (COM and Bacon)(People in my side bar ->)

My only fear is that I know my interviews will end one day and I won�t be able to come into contact with everyone on this site that makes magic happen. I want to say something up-lifting, but this is an actual depressing topic for me.

The Future
Is out there and it shines bright. My world is infinitely better for having known you Destructoid. You saved my life from a year that would have been so much more�I can�t even imagine.

So to be completely honest, putting aside the asides and whatnot. The fact is, this website has done more for me in the past year than I can count. If there was a way I can adequately describe in words how I feel about the website I would be a better public speaker, but as of now all I can say is Thank You. Happy Birthday Destructoid, Happy Birthday Niero, and I'm glad I lasted a year to look back and see a road that was paved in gold and happiness.

Law of Thermal Dynamics.

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