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C-Blog Interviews: GamesAreArt

I was going to do this whole Batman themed intro with some hints starting out on Twitter, but then I realized aside from the cartoons as a kid and the movies....I don't really know much about Batman.....so......When the C-Blogs are in trouble Who are you gonna call? RECAPPERS!!!! AND MODERATORS I SUPPOSE.......AND HAMZA..........damn this didn't turn out as expected.....so while I wait for Female Gamer Week(s) to finish up (Though I hear the person I'm waiting on is off to see Devo live!), I'll start up Recapper Week(s). GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

How did you start blogging and why here on Destructoid?

Well it all started at at youtube. Every once in a while I would look up reviews for games I was thinking of buying. Sometimes the review I would watch was a review from this site called Gametrailers. Eventually I started frequenting Gametrailers for videos. Through that I learned of a site called Screwattack. A while later I ended up checking out that site, and eventually starting a blog there. At some point I think I was both sick of ScrewAttack "community" and I had heard of this Destructoid site through some of the posts and HAWP. So I decided to move to Dtoid. Hope that makes sense.

How did you get your name?

When I decided to create my username for SA, I ended up making a standby I am using for most sites. When I made it, I was thinking about some caricature of a art critic. I was thinking "What the fuck is up with those art critics in their ivory towers and their disdain for video games."I was annoyed at their pretentious smugness. I was also kinda annoyed by people who use the phrase "Grow out of it" when talking about games. So I decided on the name GamesAreArt.

How did you get your avatar?

I was looking up something video game related and I found a picture of a puppy. Later, I remembered the picture and changed it to my avatar. It kinda stuck.

One word to describe yourself.


Favorite movie scene.

I don't usually keep favorites. I feel like I have seen a couple of good movies lately, but I can't pull them up off memory. The only one I can think of at the moment is the really sad scene near the end of Citizen Kane where he is in this room, wrecking up some shit, and then he walks off and dies.

Favorite Game.

Yet again, don't keep favorites. The two game series' that I can think about that are amazing are Ace Attorney, and Layton.

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

I really don't think I'd punch anyone. I'm not a fan of those "people" constantly trying to sell me ugg boots and hand-purses. Guys, seriously, I've already bought about 12 pairs of ugg boots and about 27 different hand-purses, I don't need any more.

If you could hug anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

I like a ton of the folks here. Every so often I think to myself how awesome it could be to go to PAX or some other event and chum around with these awesome people. It's pretty much an impossibility at this point, but who knows? Maybe someday...

When I grow up I want to be�

I really am unsure about that. I'm thinking I'll probably end up some sort of engineer though.

Now that I�m old I can finally�

Go to college?

Anything in 2011 you are currently excited about? (New book, movie, music, etc.)

Kinda worried, and kinda excited, but I'm gonna be heading off to college next year. Can't think of any books or movies or anything except LA Noire, which looks awesome. However, I don't know why I'm excited as I don't have a PS3, or an Xbox, or a good computer. That, and I've never payed a Rockstar game.

How did you get started as a recapper?

Sometime after MK quit(Which upon hindsight, maybe I was a bit too mean to him), I was thinking about joining the team. So I asked Mr.Zimmerman about it, and he said I could join. After Anonymouse left, I picked up Fridays.

What do you look for in a Topsauce?

Something I like.

A Failtoid?

Remember when you joined Dtoid and the first rule was not to suck. If I see a blog that sucks, then I put it in Failtoid.

If hypothetically you become the opposite gender, you would�

To dirty to mention.

If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do?


Goddamn that dog is cute.

That�s not a question, but yes it is.

Are games art?


I need something scandalous for my ratings. What would you like to confess?

Passage is kinda shit. In some sense, Passage is to a good game like wii sports is to motion controls. Except Wii sports isn't complete shit.

My neck really hurts, what kind of remedy do you suggest?


If you could tell me or the community anything what would it be?

I'd say that the forums are awesome, and that you should look at them. If you don't suck, try even posting there. Also, remember that forums are not blogs and blogs are not forums. They are used differently, and times and places for everything. Also, put any movie recommendations(I need to see good movies) bellow. Also any question you have for me.
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