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I herd the new 3ds is comin out(i think it already came out) and alot of poeple are preaty frikkin hyped up about it.peeps are pissin there pants to get one so to speek.i would verry much enjoy one of those fancy pancy hand held gaming systems,but the only problem is...CRAPY GRAPHICS,~gasp~.every real gamer needs a good game with some good graphics and blood and crap,but nintendo sucks and wontput a frikkin cus word in it because the ds systems are 4 "KIDS".NINTENDO IS DEFINANTLY GOING DOWN HILL...but i still want 1 so i can play some assasains creed on the road like if i go out for some nachos or if im on the bus or a red light.perfect.also i REALY want pokemon black and white because it takes time and effort to get your pokemon to its last stage,i know from expeireance.i also herd that they might make a 3ds xl to be very very sucky,cause the ds xl plane sucks its a ds but like 1 inch bigger.

PEACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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