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Why am I a PC Gamer?

Being a PC Gamer in my highschool is strangely awkward. Everyone plays consoles and have never experienced the orgasmic feeling that playing PC games gives you. For example, back when Mw2 was released, my buddies kept asking me, “You get the new CoD?” and I'd nod. They'd say, “For 360 or ps3?”

I said, “PC.” and it was rewarded with a look similar to.


Last but DEFINITELY not least, customization. Consoles can get skins, case mods, and other decorations, but it's not nearly as well supported as PC customization. I can set my hardware to how I like it, customize the lighting and case, get new seats, new desks, better speakers, different OS, different PC layouts, etc.

And there are numerous peripherals for whatever genre you feel like playing. Consoles usually have a few choice in peripherals for different games, while the PC's selection never ends. For example, being a console gamer, you could only pick from so many different joysticks/button pads/ setups. But with pc, there are even gloves that let you control your game be touching your own hand.

But, in the end....

It's all a matter of opinion. I may prefer using a peregrine gaming glove for RTS games, and I may enjoy my Razer Deathadder making my FPS experiences more enjoyable. I may be indeed, a graphics whore, but I enjoy my PC and I enjoy PC gaming.
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