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Halo: Destiny

Halo: Destiny

Endless content, a balanced PvP system, and a variety of classes and worlds to explore are a few core aspects for a successful MMO. The MMO world will shake with the releases of Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. Along with these releases is the rumors of possibly the most intriguing MMO project, the Halo MMO. The Halo MMO which is currently titled ‘Destiny’. Bungie states the project could be a “WoW in space”. Other rumors swirl around the project such as a recently terminated contractor and budgetary concerns. Bungie discredits most of these rumors but does not discredit the possibility of project ‘Destiny’. ‘Destiny’ has it’s potential built into its Halo roots. Does Bungie understand the amount of time and work it takes to create a successful MMO? Bungie has been on top of the FPS world for a long time, but how will it fair in the MMO universe? What truly is the potential of project ‘Destiny’?

Bungie now has the ultimate tool at their disposal to create a successful MMO. No, it isn’t banshees full of billions of dollars; it is an incredible story and omnipresent conflict. Bungie can implement this game before, during, or after the original series and still find great success. The amounts of planets and universes are nearly endless as they have the perfect environment for a MMO. Lastly, and most importantly, they have a conflict that will never end. When you think of the Halo story you think of mankind vs. The Covenant. There will always be worlds to fight over and grunts to run over. People have grown familiar and in favor of the Halo universe. Sure, there is a large chunk of the Halo audience that play for the sole reason of teabagging their friends. However, this doesn’t mean they are not in favor of a Covenant vs. mankind all out war. Bungie has created a universe in which either side will ever annihilate the other, leading to a perfect MMO story. This is an opportunity to expand upon there worlds and characters. Sick of Master Chief? The vastness of the universe will most likely acquaint the players with a lot more badass, emotionless characters like Master Chief. However, a “WoW in space” MMO won’t survive in the MMO realm. Bungie needs to do something different and innovative to survive this war.

WoW has been dominating the MMO market for six years. WoW brought on battlegrounds, easily customizable interface, and raiding. The MMO world isn’t looking to new battleground or new raid to conquer, it needs something fresh. Blizzard is pretty good on adding new dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds to keep their player base satisfied. Would it be a mistake not to implement all of these features in a new MMO? Yes, these features are now in the ‘comfort zone’ for MMO players. When they are sick of crafting or grinding, it is reassuring being able to dive into a raid or battleground of their choosing. What Bungie needs to focus on is a new feature to add to this ‘comfort zone’. First person shooter’s has struggled to place its foot in the MMO genre and this feature won’t be innovative enough on its own. Bungie can play around with the combat maybe implementing a combination of FPS and traditional MMO fighting. It can also test the waters with the combination of space combat and a combination of both PvP and PvE (raiding with a few PvP encounters?). World of Warcraft broke the plane from its innovation and dedication to the player base. ‘Destiny’ must include the basic premise of WoW‘s successes and find its own identity through fresh new game features and mechanics.

Skeptics may find it difficult for Bungie to break it’s mold of traditional FPS combat and pace. Upon the release of Halo: Wars, the real time strategy implementation of the Halo series. Although it didn’t really seem to drain Bungie’s overshield, it did not offer much innovation in the real time strategy world. Jumping from one genre to another is quite a difficult task. Bungie has all the tools at their disposal but can it execute and create a revitalizing MMO or does their ‘Destiny’ stand with the FPS?

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