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Comments Of The Week(s) - Don't Tell Lies Edition

Lately I've been watching Lie To Me on Netflix. I also have access to Hulu Plus, so I just got to start season 3. The first season was fairly formulaic, but over time they've mixed it up more and more. There are really just two good reasons to watch it, though.

The premise of the show is that this dude, Cal Lightman, is basically a human lie detector by reading faces, voices, and so on. He's also as badass and daredevil as House, which makes him alright in my book. Watch out for that hand. If he starts pointing at you, you're screwed!

This is Cal's business partner, Gillian Foster. I trust this one doesn't need any explanation. Anyway, good acting, good writing. It's also on Netflix streaming, so what the heck are you waiting for?

In the spirit of truth, lies, lols, and wuts, let's proceed to this fairly long Commentoid.

From: Zombie kids! Dead Island trailer will amaze you

I'm not too ashamed to say I got pretty watery both times I watched the Dead Island trailer. I seriously doubt the game can reach that level of emotion, but it sounds promising in its own right.

From: Dead Island ... offensive?

Two fairly powerful, really good perspectives on this matter. Thank god for reasonable people, even if they sometimes don't balance out the vast horde of unerasonable ones out there. Bakewell, vomiting rainbows of truth for our benefit.

From: Music Unlimited launches for PlayStation 3 today

And to the people complaining that Xbox Live Gold costs money, you get services like Last.fm for free with it. Or think of it that you're paying a small fraction of the Gold cost for the Last.fm feature.

From: PSN hack lets users unban themselves, ban others

We can think of this as just paraphrasing the ubiquitous phrase about what sorts of things we can't have because of the existence of unsavory sorts.

From: Valve announces 'Steam Security' user protection

It's a well accepted fact at this point: Valve can do no wrong by us, basically. Bribing us with multiple disgustingly large sales every year tends to garner quite a store of good faith.

From: Review: Bit.Trip FLUX

You can probably tell this by reading any of my blogs at all, but I fully subscribe to the "gush about it" school of thought for games writing and reviewing. Reading why someone loves a game is the surest way for me to end up trying it myself. I don't want facts as much as I want detailed opinions.

From: Car Porn Forever: Gran Turismo 5 ships 6.37 million

This goes out to all the Podtoid fans out there. You know exactly what voice to use when reading this. Siegel-puns or something? I don't even know the origin of the term; I must have missed that ep.

From: Homefront viral video thinks Salt Lake City is a blast

I love reading opinions about war games from people in the actual military. I like this person's outlook on the kind of game this is, and it makes me really hope that it ends up resonating in the way that it could if the developers don't screw things up or compromise their vision.

From: Screw home consoles, time to go 100% portable

He could have said je ne sais quoi, but that would have been way too French to make it into Commentoid. Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of languages that seem to be built on a foundation of mumbling.


This image belongs in the WUT section.

Why are people so clueless about how our blogs work? Oh right, usually because they just don't care. By the way, this entire blog is kind of a WUT in and of itself.

From: Jim Sterling vs. Carole Lieberman

There we go, I knew I would end up including Bryonic (sic) somewhere in Commentoid, like I usually do. The man is a truthsayer. Pure, undiluted truth about puns, which, as you can tell, are near and dear to my heart. Celica also raises an excellent point, against which the author is conspicuously silent.

From: Bulletstorm PC 'an unfriendly mess'

The game is an unfriendly mess towards the secret robot infiltrators in our midst. They're a vocal minority that game developers would do well to heed, lest they rise up and laser us with those same bionic eyes.

From: The Jimquisition: Retro games were pretty sh*tty

That's such a great mental image that I just had to include it. Also, because MAX. The man is a lolsayer.

From: Minecraft ad takes a chunk out of a gangsta's head

Might be too far. On the other hand, this is Destructoid.

From: 7-Eleven now selling Killzone 3 BATTLE FUEL!

I dunno, if it's like the Halo Gamerfuel stuff, I kind of want some. That stuff was a competent orange soda.

From: Do We Really Need More Zombies?

Let it be known that I'm an absolute sucker for any kind of computer joke.

From: Bulletstorm PC demo coming, not before launch

I don't know if I'm slow or what, but these caught me by surprise. The DEEDLES and FIDDLES did it for me.

From: Video Game Reviews

AwesomeExMachina, as usual, requires no elaboration from me.

From: Allegations, sleaze, & treachery: A tale of Two Worlds

Man, lotta pictures of women in today's Commentoid (at least compared to what I usually write). Seriously, though, that article is an impressive piece of investigative journalism.

Oh, Ronnie

From: Details on the Love Plus Visa credit card

Is that first part actually true? I had a joint card with my parents when I was a minor, so I don't really know. Still, it is quite a dilemma.

From: Geohot: Don't blame me for PSN cheats, gimme some money

Well played, sir.

From: Sony wants you to give PS Home another chance

Home is so bad. SO BAD. It really is laughably bad. I don't throw the word "cesspool" around lightly, but...

From: Duke Nukem action figure coming and it looks not-right

Here, this one requires a visual prop from the post.

This one's comments had me laughing so hard that my wife yelled at me for laughing too much.

From: Groundhog Day: One DeSoto, Two Carefree Owners

Let it be known that I am a sucker for unplanned shenanigans like this. These probably emerge due to our hive mind here on the cblogs.

From: Sterling: Pitchford tells feminist organizations to CRY MOAR over Duke

I'd totally eat that. It sounds delicious.

From: How to Make a Pokemon

Took me by surprise, much like the dude in the pic. Also, people don't like copy-pasta around here. Too many carbscarbs.

From: Don't sneak up on someone playing Dead Space 2

If you want to see an example of the depths humans sink to, click on this link and read the comments, many of which have this disgusting, leering, perverse quality to them with regards to the actress in the movie. Stereotypes about gamers: created and reinforced right here.

From: Gaming at night banned in Vietnam

Maybe my Intarnet Sarcasm Filter choked or threw an exception on this one, but I can't tell whether he's serious or not. Or whether there's a nugget of sincerity in this, at least.

From: Man gives up sex with two women in order to play MvC3

You keep using that word...

From: Ubisoft's sex game for kids 'absolutely' not coming to US

The second one should actually be in LOL but damned if I'm going to do that extra work. The first one... wut? Just wut? That could describe other countries too, for starters. Your rad Number Munchers avatar does not excuse this.

From: Urgent Evoke

These guys are pretty much the spammiest site/bot/whatever we've seen in a while. When going through comments, I am pretty sure I came upon something like 25 blogs in a row from them. This comment only proves all too clearly that some people just don't know what copy-pasta is. I'm going to throw it out there: this guy is this week's wutsayer.

From: Semi-Annoyed Video Game Nerd

He wasn't congratulating you, you know... In his defense (slightly), I sometimes find Corduroy's sarcasm to be a bit subtle. I've been known to miss it on occasion.

That's it for comments! On a final note, it occurred to me that I might appear to have an anti-Playstation spin or something. Well, I don't really mean to, but it could also be because I'm quite biased.

Thanks for slogging through all those comments with me. Until next time!

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