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In a Viral Minute #8 Look I Made Something

So me and my friends have been throwing parties at their apartment for a few years now and recently we have been making them into theme parties. Our last party was a meme party, where we played tons of meme songs, and people dressed as memes (I dressed up as Prancing Cera.) So for our next upcoming party, one of our friends suggested we make it a Masquerade party. Knowing this I was wracking my brain with what I should do for a mask. Should I just get a regular mask and forget the whole deal or should I customize a mask and make it awesome? After a few minutes of deliberation I decided that I would get a mask and make it into the most awesome mask ever. I decided to create a Mr. Detructoid masquerade mask.

Step 1: I thought of buying a green mask and painting it, but all the green masks I found were too shiny for my taste. So I bought a generic black mask and painted it with green acrylic.

So there you have it y'all, my Mr. Destructoid masquerade mask. Hope you liked it. A ton of thanks to my friend Sarah for lending me her paint and helping me out with the detail work.
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