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Video Games or Military Training? What Would You choose?

Video Games or Military Training? What Would You choose?

Why choose when you could have both in this day in age? Wouldn’t it be amazing to control a remote UAV with an Xbox or PS3 controller? Well it is already happening; throughout the years video games have been adapting controllers and interfaces off of military equipment whether it be the Duck Hunt pistol or shotgun set ups during the early evolution of gaming or the joystick controllers of Atari. Gaming evolution has been simulating military equipment and warfare in general with the massive amount of games out there like Call of Duty, Socom, Tom Clancy, etc. for years now; so why wouldn’t the military look into using video games for their own use.

One of the bigger companies that has been implanting video games into their training has been the company Raytheon. The development in Raytheon Tactical Intelligence Systems has been open to exploring the trend of video games for awhile now. Raytheon actually uses Xbox controllers as an interface for their unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs for those CoD players out there. Xbox controllers aren’t just for playing Call of Duty anymore, they will actually be flying the devices so many video games out there are trying to simulate themselves.

Raytheon has also been experimenting with Wii controllers to explore the possibilities for training simulators and other applications that require physical movement. Just imagine a training simulation that one can have on any TV in their house, military provided, of course. The game controllers that Raytheon has been looking to are all of the joystick gamepads, PS3 or Xbox controllers being their favorites to study. Throughout the years video games have all tailored their designs to some sort of joystick controllers, so most of the military’s research has been put into this type of technology and seeing how they can implement controllers into their training.

I always had a vision of video games becoming the next training sessions for our armed forces. Parents could never say video games are just rotting our brains if they are actually training our troops, or that they were just a waste of time right? I really enjoy this concept to be honest; it takes a lot of the problems of on hands experience in the field. If I spent thousands or millions of dollars on a piece of equipment that is to be used in the field driven by an amateur that has really no experience it would really scare me, hoping that the technology wouldn’t be destroyed or mishandled from lack of experience. With video games our military can train individuals with simulations and on hand experience not putting the equipment on the line. This is what simulations do; they train our forces to be the best at their job in the first place. My opinion stands, as it is a great idea.

Video games have always simulated the military it’s about time the military uses the technology of video games in their favor. Anything to help our forces out in training or in the field is alright with me. I want to be able to see computer games controlling our tanks or airplanes without any pilots at the wheel.

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