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Contestoid: Who wants Replica Halo stuff?

It's that time again, folks.

My last contest went... Alright, but not great, so I'm going to switch things up a bit. Now that RenegadePanda has actually received the Replica Twilight Princess Sword, I'm looking at my disposable income and realizing that, as a man who needs neither spend too much money on video games or his girlfriend, that I can afford to give some more awesome crap away.

I've made no secret of the fact that I love the Halo series and think that Halo: Reach is a great, great game. So in the spirit of that, I've decided that my next contest is going to be based totally around that game, with a prize equally based around it.

The prize? Well, you get to pick! Either you're going to win a Replica Battle Rifle or a Replica Energy Sword. If you live in Canada and cannot get either of these fantastic prizes, feel free to enter anyway, because I promise I've come up with an equally cool prize for you even though our country doesn't like shipping replica weapons cross-border. Whoever wins will get a chance at the Canadian prize, even if they're American or otherwise, but I'm going to be keeping it a secret for now.

And now... The rules. Well, they're actually pretty simple. This coming weekend, I'm going to be posting a course on my file share which will come with a video showing you how it can be done. Your only job is to download the damned thing and do the course as fast as possible.

It's really going to be sort of like the courses you see in Achievement HORSE. Expect a Mongoose course over rough terrain. Maybe some explosions for kicks.

The winner will be whoever manages to do the course the quickest. Simple as that. You do the course, post the replay to your fileshare, and I watch it. The one who does it the quickest is the one who gets the prize.


If you'd like to see what sort of evil, sadistic course designer I am, you can check my file share here, or just enter Zen Rain as a gamertag search while in Halo: Reach.

Horse Track ZR is a practice course (which I'd previously submitted to Achievement HORSE), and the video Horse Track ZR HowTo is a video showing you how to do it in under a minute.

Have fun, practice a bit, and get ready for when the map drops in six days!

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