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Fray: Screenshots from the GDC

Hey all,

So last week was the GDC in San Francisco and we got to show the game to the press for the first time. The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we got really positive feedback on both our tech demo and the gameplay elements. And we were surprised at who showed up: Gamespot, IGN, Shacknews, PC Gamer.... Just to name a few.

We will be showing some gameplay videos in the upcoming weeks to explain more in depth how the game is played, but until then enjoy the first screens and an in depth preview of the game that Gamespot posted last week: http://gdc.gamespot.com/story/6301736/fray-first-look-preview

Today, we are meeting with Joystiq, Wired and CNet and then we will be heading back home to France to continue working on the game! Take care all :)
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