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Dtoid Saturday Night Test

On Saturday night, we've been working on deploying a test of a new feature we're going to be implementing officially on the following days: A live chat system.

The test was a success and everything worked smoothly for around 200+ happy dtoiders, so we're going to be gradually implementing this feature for all our logged-in users.

For now, I'll begin enabling this to those users with more than a certain amount comments, this requirement may change (for good or bad) depending on how much stress is added to the envolve servers. We do plan to have 95% of our users to use the chat; however, we'll do it gradually.

I'll try to keep you posted.

tl;dr Destructoid Chat is here.

Also check our friends at http://www.envolve.com/! They're totally awesome for working with us to get this hot feature for you guys.
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