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Killzone 3 - Epic Fail.

So, after all the hype and the epic review (Including here) I thought, Why not get a copy right away, the multiplayer in KZ2 was wicked, and this should be better.
Ever since getting the game a few days ago I have not been able to connect to a multiplayer game without getting host migration & 8013 errors (making you drop from the game after less then a minute), and random freezing.

So I looked at the killzone.com forums and guess what, there's a thread with more then 30 pages worth of posts from all over the world with people infuriated about these issues.

Obviously the game wasn't thoroughly tested before launch and this is pissing me and a lot of others off (we're talking thousands of launch day buyers) , but somehow this wasn't covered in any of the gaming media.

Since I finished the single player in about 7 hours (or less? was really short) , I'm going to take this game back in the next couple of days;
If you're buying this mainly for the multiplayer - be warned, until GG fix all these issues you might not be able to play at all.

Update: See a post from a GG dev from a few minutes ago


Another update from me: Today we finally managed to reproduce and fix the connectivity issues that people are having. Unfortunately we could not fix them server side as we initially thought but we have to patch the game.

I know all of you want to have your hands on this patch tomorrow, but that is unfortunately not the way things work at Sony. When we submit a game to QA they test all functionality of the game (including single player) to make sure that we did not unintentionally break something. In this case because of the network code change, they need to spend a lot of extra time testing multiplayer. This will mean that it will not be possible to put the patch live before the weekend. I can't give you an exact time for the patch to go live because as soon as QA finds a problem we need to resubmit and it will take longer.

Now for the technically savvy people:

The problem is MTU related as I said before. If your MTU is below 1478 then you're affected. Today we found out that people with low MTUs affect people with a high MTU. If someone with low MTU is in the game before you you will have to wait very long (or forever) on the 'connecting' screen. If you're already in game and someone with a low MTU joins, this person can actually cause a network error for you. We also saw the issues with lag and incorrect hit detection that have been described.

You can test if your connection is ok by opening a command prompt on your PC and typing:

ping -f -l 1450 www.sony.com

If ping responds with:

Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.

Then your MTU is too small and you will have to wait for the patch.

(Note this test is only 99% accurate as you're not pinging the game servers but www.sony.com.)

If you see something like:

Pinging www.sony.com [] with 1450 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=56 (sent 1450) time=184ms TTL=246
Reply from bytes=56 (sent 1450) time=185ms TTL=246

your connection is fine and you should be able to play.

If you connect to a game and you get stuck for more than 20 seconds in the 'connecting' screen then back out and try again (someone with low MTU is in the game). The system is programmed so that it will never put you in the same game twice.

If you find that you cannot play properly in warzone then switch to warfare or operations. These games are smaller so there is a smaller chance that someone with a low MTU is playing with you.


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