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Do you Invert?

As far back as I can remember, all the way back to when analog sticks and joy sticks were introduced to me in the video gaming world, I have always felt compelled to invert my Y-axis (vertical) settings in order to play and I don’t know why.

Out of everyone that I personally know who plays videogames just one of them happens to invert their Y-axis their settings like I do, so it is obvious to me that the most favourable option is “normal”. None of my friends understand why I invert and are just as equally annoyed as I when given a controller that has their preference of Y-axis settings reversed. Games that involve free range movement (FPS) or camera controls (3rd Person) must be inverted or I find them unplayable. This does not apply to PC games though as to me, moving a mouse up is up, but for some odd reason when you bring an analog stick into the equation up means down, down means up and I cannot bring myself to use normal settings, though I have tried.

Ahhh, Silent Hill: Home Coming on the PS3, how I wanted to love thee.
The developers allowed me to change the Y-axis when aiming a gun which was AWESOME; however, they seem to have completely forgotten about the X (horizontal) and the Y-axis for the camera controls in every regard. Within the hour, after running into walls and looking at the roof or floor I had ejected the game and neatly placed it back in its case only to be sold the very next day. I actually sent the developers an email, with no response back, because I was so pissed that they left out this simple option from their game! No name game developers making horrible, horrible games have been kind enough to include Invert options in their games, so why did they overlook this simple, and to me, very game breaking setting?

I invert the Y-axis in 3rd person games as well as in FPS games as it just feels right. I think that I have figured out the simplest way for me to try to explain “why” I invert .

If I was physically holding a gun and I wanted to aim upward, I would have to lower my right hand and if I wanted to aim down I would have to raise my right hand up. This translates in my mind to moving my thumb down in FPS game to aim up and moving my thumb up for aiming down. This may only make sense in my mind but it is hard to explain why you invert when people’s retort is “up is up and down is down, your weird”

Do you invert?

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