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APB Reloaded enters closed beta. Specs and changes detailed.

This past sunday, members of the APB: Reloaded team made an update post on the APB: Reloaded Developers Blog detailing the first release candidate for the new game, which would be the Closed Beta candidate as well.

For those who haven't been following along, APB is getting relaunched with a Free To Play model. The new dev team behind this have been updating a blog weekly over the past few months. I urge you to go over and read back as they detail some really interesting faults they had with the previous release, and hopes and changes for the current iteration and the future.

The Closed Beta will have three waves based on all the people that have currently applied: US West, Europe, and then US East(damnit, I wanted to be first D=), following after with some other areas like Brazil. They also listed some of the current demographic data for their beta applicants( 3% representing =P ). It was interesting to see the local spread of applicants, with Europe making up the majority of the applicants.

I don't want to steal all their thunder though(and the release notes are too long for here... really), and urge you to go here and see the list of changes. Basic rundown though: skill are skills now as opposed to one time one use items, weapons favor bursting, and cars are generally faster. Oh, and that shit starter car is removed and replaced with a cute lil coupe with decent stats and a low max speed.

Here's an example they showed off of a bug when they made the cars faster. Source APB Reloaded Developer Blog Week 12 post.

I think releasing APB as F2P alone is worth it for the game(I don't feel the game was worth the subscription price they had at the time). All the extra changes are just icing on an already worthwhile cake.
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