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Monday Night Combat Review(360): 2/27/2011


Hello internet, I am Drew, it's the twenty-seventh of Febuary, 2011, and I have a blog.

To shove it out of the way, I am indeed late to the scene with this game, released back last year. Despite, I'm working pushing out weekly content for this blog, including a review a week. If it so requires I review a game years old, I might just do it. Besides, MNC made a more quiet splash into the industry as far as I could tell. My feeds, at the very least, were not buzzing, discluding the odd preview, review, or release date news bits.

Also, with the revelation that more family and friends are reading this up than I thought, I felt obligated to make an intro for this week's game for those who are less geek-inclined, or who have just never heard of MNC. If you ARE geek inclined, skip down a paragraph or two!
Monday Night Combat is just about exactly how it sounds; a full-blown stadium combat affair, satirizing the idea of a sports dome filled to the brim with goofy characters, mascots, attractive trophy-women, and product placement, to hilarious and awesome effects. It's a class based shooter, meaning, you can select up to six different characters to play, all unique in their own abilities, weapons, personalities, and play-styles, and then shoot it out against or with other players in a stradegic(in this game's case, mildly stradegic)showdown. The basics of the game revolve around the Moneyball, a spherical ball of... money, that you'll need to protect from enemy players, enemy bots, or both if you're playing a certain mode.

It depends on the mode you've chosen from, which can be either Blitz, a survival mode where you'l be protecting one Moneyball from opposing hordes of robots with the help of your pals, or Crossfire, a variant that sees players and their team-designated robots squaring off against another team of players and bots, each trying to destroy the other's Moneyball. But in either mode, you'll hold off waves of enemies and/or get in the face of the opposing team if you so choose to play like that with your (somewhat)customizable class. There is more depth to it, but considering that my main audience is already familiar, I'll leave it off here.

First off, Monday Night Combat is NOT a Team Fortress 2 clone. The latter game was ALSO an objective, class-based shooter, and during MNC's fifteen minutes of fame, there was some talk of it's similarities. Both games do have cartoony, colorful graphic and visual effects, both games do have a bunch of unique characters for classes, and both do revolve around good Teamwork, but MNC vastly differentiates itself in the tasty satire, goofy jokes, and all around addicting gameplay that really cannot compare to TF2.

Enough of that, I felt it was something to get out of the way. In the actual gameplay, I found it to be simply fun. There isn't a lot of elaboration to put into it, but I'll give it a go; MNC is a delightful combination of tower defense stradegy games and action, class based shooters. Most of all it's a pretty game, with enemy robots exploding upon death in an array of parts, rewarding cash, and flames, of course. Surrounding your battle are a display of shiny (fake)product placement signs and other fancy effects, and of course during the battle, characters will bounce with personality, style, and plain coolness when you perfectly execute an ability and light up the battlefeild.

Along the lines of tower-defense games, where you normally maintain and upgrade turrets to defend against enemies, the game seamlessly puts it next to the standard Team-Deathmatch or Survival modes we've come to expected, if a bit overpowered in the Crossfire mode. You'll upgrade and build turrets to fight along side you. You'll also periodically upgrade your own abilities, to which I have another gripe with in Crossfire mode. A fully upgraded offensive class can be absolutley destructive. Arguable it costs quite a lot of the game's currency of cash to beef up a character, but the result was certainly devestating in my experiences. Though it works perfectly fine in Blitz mode and it's sliding upwards difficulty.

As I said, there is little much else to say. It is simply fun to shoot up robots, upgrade your special abilities and stats with awesome affects, and try each and every play style the six unique classes have. You could be a versatile battle-medic, or maybe a turret enhancing engineer as the Support Class, and you could get up in the face of enemies as the Assassin, or stick true to her name and sneak behind for a devestating hit. Most of all I especially love holding off robots on the last wave, the four of me and my team working our hardest in synchronized, robot-killing beauty. The Crossfire mode, as you may have picked up in this little essay, was iffy at best for me. Though your experience might vary, I'm certainly no master at multiplayer shooters and I imagine if I could get my butt handed to me so hard, you might have the power to... hand people's butts to them as well. Or maybe I just suck really bad.

As always, I'm bad at conclusions, and I was never a fan of number scores or lettering scores in reviews. If you really like the sound of the game from my review, and you at all trust my opinion, you'll simply give Monday Night Combat a try for 1200 measly points, or fifteen measly bucks. If it still sounds iffy, give the demo a try, it's a very nice introduction to the game, and I can promise you quite a lot of replayability in the game.

Goodnight internet, I'm drew, and I have a blog.
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