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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Swag, Promos, and Standees Editions! (5 Months)

Howdy mates! Weíre back with yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Iím finally on the second to last 5 month catch up blog, before I get to my ďrecentĒ catch up blog, then Iíll finally be caught up . . . for only a short time knowing me . . . >_< Well, those of you who are reading are in for a bit of a treat today. Iíve got some swag to show off today! The more I think about it, the more I think about how in terms of the rate I collect swag at, I didnít really get that much over the past 5 months . . . -_-Ď Still, hopefully you guys enjoy seeing some of it. Weíve got stuff from Club Nintendo, EB Games pre-order bonuses, stuff from eBay friends, stuff from the super awesome kickass guys from Fangamer (which may I add, they will be at PAX East so I suggest anyone going to TOTALLY check them out and buy their awesome stuff! ^_^), and finally a couple standees of which I have absolutely no room for. O_O Due to certain things happening on the site, my ďpost bannism trolling that isnít really true since said people are not bannedĒ will be on hiatus for the next little while . . . hopefully you will no longer be confused BulletMagnet my homie! =P On with the show!

NOTE: Due to my absence at PAX East this year, but my undying obsession with any and all things swag related, anyone going to PAX East that is willing to pick up extra swag or swag from specific booths for me, PLEASE Private Message me, as I am VERY willing to compensate/trade you games or other merchandise for awesome swag! I WILL most definitely make it WORTHWHILE for you!

As a fair number of you may already have, here is the Club Nintendo Super Mario Characters Figurine that was given out to Platinum Members through the North American version of Club Nintendo. The box alone that the figurine came in is nothing short of awesome, as it mimics the classic and iconic question mark box from the series. The figure is also of pretty high quality, as itís made out of like a hard, but flexible plastic and is painted/colored very well. Iím also quite impressed with how the North American version of Club Nintendo is finally starting to catch up with their European and Japanese counterparts. Some of the stuff is about a year or so ďtoo late,Ē but itís nice to see theyíre making the effort and how theyíre regularly releasing new stuff for purchase with coins.

This here is a hella sweet Puma Messenger Bag you got if you pre-ordered DJ Hero 2. It has a ton of pockets and space, but maintains a decent look and lightweight. Personally, Iím still a bigger Guitar Hero series fan, as opposed to Rock Band. Although, I think thatís mainly due to the fact I liked the formerís guitars better while playing. Itís pretty sad that the series is gone now due to oversaturation. I still think Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was the best out of ALL of the rhythm/music games.

Hooray . . . -_-Ď Hahaha! Here we have a couple of Halo: Reach T-Shirts. The first is just a typical UNSC symbol, while the other one is of the Noble Six crew. Iíve still yet to pick up the game, since I want the Legendary Edition, but Iím trying to hold off and hope that they go down to like under half price, much like the Halo 3 Legendary Editions did after a few months.

So, when I went to PAX, I thought Iíd go see Portal 2 first thing on the third day, so itíd be the easiest way to get the t-shirt. Little did I know, until it was too late, that Valve wasnít smart (at least in my opinion) and allocate a specific number of t-shirts a day, so they ran out halfway through the second day. Long story short, I was pissed, I really wanted one, so I contacted an eBay friend shortly after the convention, and ended up with this one! Huzzah! I want the one with both robots on it, but this one is still pretty cool! As you can see, through the magic of Photoshop, you can see both the front and the back of the shirt.

Iím still pretty sad that I havenít had the chance or the time to play BioShock 2 yet, but hopefully I can fix that up soon. Regardless, I remain a very big fan of the original and there was some hella sweet promotional stuff for the second game. I got it for a pretty good deal, but the first is the Rapture Records Vinyl that was given away in limited quantities to media outlets and were relatively hard to come by period. Iím pretty stoked about that one. Next to it, is the much more accessible and not overly expensive BioShock 2 EVE Hypo. It actually lights up that nice neon blue like in the games when you press the tip against something. The thing is pretty much the definition of badass!

Iím not a fan of pre-order bonuses going from awesome and cool physical items, to lame ass downloadable content and essentially pieces of paper! >_< Still, here we have codes for Fable III Custom Villager, Quest, and Gold; Halo: Reach UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark 5V (B Armor); Dead Rising 2 Ninja Skills Pack; and finally a Halo: Reach Promo Metal Card Ė Kat. I actually liked the latter a lot, as itís actually like a trading card made of pretty hefty metal and like actually properly printed on.

This is the kind of ďlevelĒ that all pre-order items should be if you ask me. They should all be like art-like things, soundtracks, plushies, and other stuff like this. None of that crappy DLC stuff, hahaha. Still, we have the Metroid: Other M Art Folio that was a pre-order bonus. My favorite is the bottom left one of the first picture with Samus looking at the cityscape with a nice sunset in it. The pictures are printed on some nice, thick cardstock, and also have some information on the back of them explaining what the picture is all about.

Hooray . . . -_-Ď More DLC pieces of paper. This time we have Dead Space 2 Ė Dead Space Ignition Download, the not actually swag but I somehow got it Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (ULTIMATE SITH EDITION) Ė Starkiller (Card 6 of 10), Def Jam Rapstar Pre-Order Download Songs, Call of Duty: Black Ops Flight Suit Avatar Skin, and a Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta VIP Accesss codes. Yeah, nothing really special or good here in my books, aside from the Star Wars card.

Continuing on with some decent swag, we have some Super Street Fighter IV Super Thumb Fighters (Dee Jay vs. Blanka), a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Exclusive Content Voucher (is it just me or does Maulkiller look badass as hell?), a Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (holy balls I need to play this still) Ė Special Decal Set, which makes PSPs look like the [i]Kingdom Hearts one I imported from Japan, and a download code for GoldenEye 007ís Invisibility Mode.

We start this picture off with a ModNation Racers Race Flag Advertisement, followed by a Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii Remote Banana Pouch that is badass as hell, along with a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Mousepad, with some Kinect promotion stuff like a Headband and Wristbands.

Donít ask why/how I got all three, but here are the various colors of Super Scribblenauts Headphones you got if you pre-ordered the game. Theyíre pretty much just known as camo, polka dot, and gray. I actually havenít had a chance to try them out yet, but they look like okay headphones. Not awesome like Turtle Beachís, Astrosí, or Steel Seriesí, but better than the super cheap ones you can get.

Luckily I pre-ordered Sonic Colors on DS as opposed to the Wii, which netted me this awesome Sonic the Hedgehog Fleece Cap. The very same one that the fabled Jim Sterling wore, while humping a Sonic Plushie in one of his I believe Jimquisition videos.

Iím not a fan of Japanime, unless itís very, very particular series, but Iím not a fan of ďnewĒ Dragon Ball, aka, Naruto, but . . . Iím a VERY big fan of the company Atlus! ^_^ I assume you know where Iím going with this . . . but for those of you who donít get it, I bought one of the Naruto games because it was published by Atlus, has their logo on the case, and well, I got this lame hat with it. I think itís called the Naruto Shippuden Hat.

Not a big fan of this series either, even though they have pretty good collectible, much like this Halo: Reach UNSC Hat. Iím actually a big fan of the design, as itís like an army, trucker hat mix, which fits well and just looks good in my books.

Ah, itís so nice to have hookups! d(Ď-Ďd) Of numerous varieties . . . ;-D Hahaha! Itís fair sized sing, but we have a Nintendo Holiday 2010 Display. Itís got one of those self-standing triangle things on the back of it, and well, Nintendo just has nice displays for the most part.

In this balliní awesome picture, we have a Halo: Reach lanyard, which puts my lanyard count to . . . way the hell too many, hahaha! Next in line is a VERY, VERY, VERY nice Mario 25th Anniversary Keychain, along with one of the best bumper stickers ever, in the form of a Donkey Kong Country Returns one that has one of the most iconic quotes of more recent times.

So, Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned it before, but Iíll mention it again just in case you guys forgot . . . Fangamer effiní rules! These guys and gals are some of the most dedicated people around that just have nothing less than an undying passion for video games. They make the highest quality gamer merchandise from their own designs (usually designed by the ultra talented and extremely friendly Jon Kay) and know what appeals to us, since they too are gamers themselves. They also have some of the best customer service and respond to questions in a very timely fashion (usually by Reid) and Iíve seen like five full trolleys of stuff theyíve packed to send out to people. Plus, theyíre going to be at PAX East (which I unfortunately wonít be able to make this year . . . *tears* . . . T_T), so make sure to check them out! Still, Iím pretty sure you guys get the picture! =P Here we have the typical hand drawn card they ship with every order, a Liquid Pin Set from the Metal Gear series, a Gate Keychain from the super awesome Chrono Trigger, and the typical kickass stickers and pins they toss in with every order. Seriously . . . BUY THEIR STUFF!

So, you guys may have remember from a number of months ago (Iím backlogged okay! =P) where Hamza posted how these guys, just out of the blue, showed Destructoid some mad love! Well, I placed my order when they were giving out these super limited pins that have the most balliní design of the one and only Mr. Destructoid! As I literally just said from the previous paragraph . . . THESE GUYS RULE AND BUY THEIR STUFF TO SUPPORT THEM! Iím still so very sad that I wonít be able to see their newer stuff like the E-Mug, Super16Bit Keychain, and possibly any new stuff they decide to debut! I mean, even their Gift Cards are of the utmost highest quality. *sigh* If only there was another contest for a trip there this year . . .

Now that I got all the emo and sad panda out of my system, here we have a VERY super kickass art cel. Itís a Metal Gear Solid: Rising Limited Edition Cell. Unfortunately, you canít tell from the picture, but itís a LAYERED art cel, so itís actually kind of 3D and SUPER badass. The quality and detail of it is nothing short of astounding! I believe they were only given away to VIP members of the media at the Tokyo Game Show, and as you can see in the second picture, I got number 13 of 200! Awww yeah!

So, Iím so desperately out of room in my basement that I donít even have room for this kickass Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Standee! >_< The first picture just shows that itís a very shiny standee and still has the like protective blue covering for the transparent sign with the gameís name on it. Had to pull off a few favors to get this bad boy, but it was totally worth it. The second picture is just one that I Googleíd so youíd have an idea of what it looks like.

So, Iíve invested over 300 hours into Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and it is balliní as hell. Once again, I donít have room for this awesome standee, but the first picture just shows the title panel of the game, while the second shows a blurry picture I Googleíd. Itís actually pretty cool since in the top corners it has some ďshelves/holdersĒ for promotional books they had for before the game was out. I got this one from awesomeness . . . that is all that needs to be said! =)

So, that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Next week will be my final 5 Months catch up edition, then I can finally get caught up on my recent stuff! Next week will be the super cool ďHardwareĒ edition my friends, so if youíre interested, please do look forward to that. I promise youíll be pleasantly surprised with some of the stuff I managed to get, as it came from the best store in the world . . . Cash Converters! So, until next time, latez mates!
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