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Counter-Blog: Screw home consoles, time to go 100% portable

Tony Ponce very recently released a blog about how we should stick to portable gaming, for the most part if not all the way. I found a lot of his points agreeable, but some....bother me and the fact he left some of the most important topics out of his blog made me realize that I should at least try to say why we should be against 100% portable gaming.

The Controller


If you say, “Graphics don't matter.” then you have no idea what you're talking about. Graphics are very important to games nowadays as graphics do many things to convey a game's feeling. It brings immersion, a sense of life, and an artistic style towards the game it's in. Graphics are very important in games, which is why every new console has better graphics. Gameplay does matter a lot more, however that doesn't mean graphics don't matter. Hell, sometimes games even have horrible graphics to convey their own point.

And believe it or not, there are graphics whores out there. They buy Crysis just to benchmark their PC. They stray away from Valve games because of lower requirements, and head towards Crytek engine or Unreal engine games more often.

The title for this topic could be, instead of graphics, “Our technology hasn't caught up yet.” The processing power of the 3DS and NGP cannot be well outdone without sacrificing other vital components. With every improvement, there's a tradeoff. Better battery = (Usually) Heavier and more expensive. More graphics = Needs better processor and more expensive. To make all of what a console is now into a handheld would make it very heavy and require some heavy duty battery life and the ability to carry 30 pounds at any given time.

And if you're a developer, how do you make your money? Do you release your highest technology at any given time? No, you don't. You release a weaker model and progressively make stronger models until it's hit that highest point. It's what apple does. They keep re-releasing the Ipod Touch with small improvements here and there that make you pay $200 more for them. They already have their 200th gen of Ipod touch ready, but they don't plan on shipping it out anytime soon.


Speakers on handhelds won't match giant speaker systems. You can get the DS working with speaker systems, but the audio quality recorded for the DS will still be pretty....bad....

Handhelds are more easily stolen/misplaced than consoles. Not saying everyone's going to lose their handheld or have it stolen, but just another inconvenience.

Handhelds run off of batteries that, nowadays, cannot be replaced and has to instead be plugged into the wall for some time. Especially a pain when they have 4-5 hour spans. (You can, however, make a complaint out of consoles having to constantly being plugged in though, I guess).

In Conclusion...

I know Tony Ponce didn't mean go 100% portable, but it was a good journalism title to pull people in, so I give him props for that. However, if we are to go 100% portable, technology would have to advance a LOT to make controllers, graphics, different genres, music, and batteries work more/better. For now, I'll stick to my PC and consoles. Mainly because I sold my DS.
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