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DLC is Gaming Industry Cancer (And how to cure it)

At one time, DLC was in the form of expansion packs. These times were bearable; very few games decided to do it and the expansions were good. Sims 1 had a lot of expansions, but they were decently spaced from each other, so I could forgive it's 5000 expansions. Sims 2 repeated, Sims 3 repeated. But now, DLC is such a normal thing that it pisses me off.

DLC is a way to get you to pay repeatedly for the same game with content that should have either been in there in the first place, or been put into a sequel.

“What's wrong with DLC?”:

MvC has only been out for roughly a week and a half, and yet it already has confirmed DLC for Jill Valentine and someone who's name is strange. Now, if the character is already playable through the disc itself, WHY DID YOU NOT FINISH IT? You're charging us more, for what we're supposed to have already. I know it's kind of being a douche to say, “Hey, we deserve that.” But if we're going to pay $60 for a game and have it incomplete, only to have the producers charge for the missing content, that's crap. It's like playing a Rail Shooter when it constantly asks you to deposit more quarters, even when you're not dieing!

Crysis 2's development build held this picture, already confirmed DLC. Again, you're buying a $60 game for it to be incomplete. If you're going to make DLC, at least make it a good while after the game itself is released. I'll turn on Crysis 2 on the release date only to have to buy the DLC because it's mandatory. Then the next day, more DLC.

“So, what you're saying is....”

Wait longer for DLC. Do not release it or even mention it on Day one. The fact that someone could take a non-released DLC character and make it playable pisses me off to the highest extent. THE CHARACTER WAS ALREADY PLAYABLE IN SOME WAYS, WHY NOT JUST FINISH IT?

DLC should always be at the same level of greatness as the game is, because it makes no sense to pay for DLC that's better than the actual game. It's like having really beaten up puzzle pieces and buying some more from someone, only to have those pieces look brand new and shine in the light. It's not that big of a deal, but it still is pretty annoying.

Having DLC such as First Strike succeed only tells the industry to keep milking out the same stuff we've seen before and do it much faster.

DLC should be mainly used for the Music Genre (GH, DJH, BH, RB)
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