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C-Blog Interviews: Angel Eena

And Girl Week continues with Angel Eena. You may remember her for sending delicious cookies.

First, a basic question. Why did you start blogging? And why here specifically?

I have a love of the written word that goes beyond the borders of our understanding of the universe. So naturally I wanted to write myself, but sadly like a lot of writers I usually have nothing interesting to say. So a blog seemed to be the perfect middle ground for me, my craving of perfection, and her sister procrastination.

Why Dtoid? Well, I love video games! You love video games! We all love video games! So that�s what brought me in. I stayed because the writing is very genuine and hilarious. The community is wonderful amalgamation of different thoughts and ideas all with their own goals, but all wanting to be heard and share with one another.

One word to describe yourself.


Where did you get your name and avatar?

For my name - Angel Eena is my name on many things. Angel being my first name makes it very natural. Eena is a name I like to say. I took it from a story I read as a child in a compendium of Weird Tales about a wolfwere. You can google it if you�d like a wonderful read from the viewpoint of sentient animal and how it experiences new feelings.

As for my avatar - Somewhere along the way I discovered I was fantastic at Strategy RPGs. The analytical side of my mind takes over and I discover new and wonderful realms of efficiency while the creative chaotic side thinks of new strategies and ways to beat the enemy with finesse. I have a love of odd strategies and playing finesse characters. The time mage is my favorite. The time mage has a ridiculous sense of fashion and facilities all other finesse classes to become something greater than they are. My avatar is a time mage from Final Fantasy Tactics. I have red hair and liken myself to time mages I edited the pixel art to have red hair.

Favorite Food.

I usually say Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Though Mashed Potatoes and Pasta also rank highly.

Favorite Game.

Usually with favorites I pick one and then refuse to let it change. So I always say Secret of Mana. I picked it as my favorite when I was about 7. The wonderful graphics, silly enemies, heart wrenching soundtrack and the beautiful take on martyring oneself �.I really cannot say enough good things about it. Runners Up for my favorite game however include Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy 6, Mother 3, Chrono Cross, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

Punch? I really don�t have any enemies here. I guess Xzyliac when he forgets to eat. I might as well mail him cookies everyday just to make sure he eats.

If you could hug anyone here on dtoid, who would it be and why.

OH. Hugs. I adore hugs. I am so FUCKING good at hugging. Can I just have a triple hug between Xzyliac, Occam, and Hamza? I�d hug Andy Dixon too, but I don�t want something poking into my thigh if we side hug.

I read your first experience with the survival horror genre and I was really surprised by the fact that in early games, survival was the main priority, a point I've forgotten at this point. What do you think about modern survival horror games?

Hah! Good point. Modern survival horror? Fair warning: This is a subject I could blather on about for a while.

Most games billed as �survival� horror now is really action horror. The transition really took hold with the morphing of the genre via games like Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 3, and an earlier example with Parasite Eve 2. While those games have their own merits the survival aspect really flies out the window. The limited ammo, limited health, and the live or die fight or flight decisions really seem to be gone. The only way I seem to be able to get survival horror fix is by upping the difficulty level on some action horror games. Which I suppose really stems from companies wanting to please older fans while still being gentle enough for the children. While I understand that like most genres and life forms it must evolve to survive. Couldn�t we have just one more? One more heart racing escape at all cost fear fest? Must every genre become ACTION/ or RPG/ ?? Doesn�t that take away the charm that made us love them in the first place?

The only good thing to come out of the slowly drying pool of survival horror is the sudden emergence of survival aspects in other games. All the sudden things like Demon�s Souls have starting shining their brilliance and new survival minded modes have appeared in things like New Vegas. So we�re still clinging to life somewhere out there.

I mean we have to we�re survivors. (lol.)

I lied when I said it was the only good thing. The other good thing is that action horrors have had to up the ante a notch since there is less horror to compete with so they have to stand out even more and because of that we�ve gotten a few awesome horror titles out of it. e.g. RE4 and Dead Space.

If I were to tell you that you have one more day to live, what would you do.

Fair question. I would make breakfast. Make a lot of calls and tie up loose ends. Have sex with my husband. Go for a walk. Have a picnic lunch. Write my last thoughts. Read part of my favorite book. Play with action figures. Have really kinky sex with my husband. Order dinner in. Put on my corset. Play with my antique medical collection. Gather my close friends, my brothers, and my husband and play a Ravenloft one off. Say goodbye to them. Take off my corset. Retreat to my bedroom. Eat ice cream and cookies. Ask my husband to make me a grilled cheese. Eat grilled cheese. Play some games with my husband. Roll over and have sex with him again. Put on a vinyl and snuggle. Listen to my husband�s heartbeat until my consciousness fades away.

I'm reading all your past blogs and now I feel really bad. I try to keep these interviews away from personal territory, but I'm curious as to how you are the person you are today, or maintained the person you always were.

I�ve got a lot of sad stories. But when it comes down to it. You can either let all the bad things take over your life or move on. I do my best to always pick the latter. Not saying I always succeed, but I try pretty damn hard. I grew up really poor and managed to survive that, mental illness, and drug addicted relatives. Personal losses, bad relationships, and poor health...it�s what comes along with life and living it.

But sometimes I really wish I could at least get a trophy lol.

When I grow up I want to be�

A Robotech Pilot, a member of The Avengers, Olga Kurylenko�s panties, a body painter, a writer, a baker, a latex model, a flower shop owner, and a geneticist�..damn I better get started *plays video games*

Now that I�m old I can finally�

I don�t know if I can answer that until everyone finally stops thinking I�m 15.

I still haven't received my semi-formal dress from the 1980's! Either the man who took my measurements is lazy or he was just a guy who felt me up!

I can really get you a thrifty dress if you want�oh that man? It was Andy Dixon.

Where would you most like to travel or go to (events in time maybe?) and why?

Well, I�m going to PAX PRIME this year which is super exciting! (Hope to see you all there!!) Travel? I really want to visit Pripyat, Moscow, Prague, The Black Forest, Buenos Aries, The Ruins of Pompeii, Parts of Japan, and I�d love to go back to Korea. I have different reasons for most and if you buy me a drink I�ll tell you all about it� and why I love baseball.

Events in time? I�d love to visit Greece in first century AD. Also France in the late 1800s. The Western US about that time as well. Also when Star Trek finally becomes real. And the end of the universe if possible.

Why don't you write more?!

I try. I work a lot and I�m so picky about my writing that I usually rip it apart before any of you ever see it. Those are really kinda bad excuses. I promise I�ll try harder.

Favorite curse word?

Cunt. Hands down. Cunt is one of the best words ever. Even if it wasn�t a curse word I would adore it. Short, abrupt, beautiful, and slang for vagina�It�s a perfect package. Also, since I�m female people look at me even more when I say it because talking about vaginas like gentlemen talk about boners is apparently inappropriate.

Tangent: When it snowed a few months ago I carved out the word vagina in a neighbor�s yard so that you could see it from the road.

What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?

A party noise maker the likes of which the world can only weep in reverence for�.also if you use it around children you�ve made a psychologist a lot of money.

I need something scandalous for my ratings. What would you like to confess?

Confess? Feh. I�ll answer any question pretty much if you ask me.

Let�s see�I�ve spent more money on my credit card at extremerestraints.com, libidex.com, and medicaltoys.com than I have on gasoline for the car. Is that scandalous enough?

If you could ask me or the community a question what would it be?

For you�Did you like the Kundera?

For the community�.Am I the only one who liked Dead Space better than Dead Space 2?

Law�s Notes: I adored Kundera. It was a little heavy at times, but it opened up quite nicely.


I wish I had a trophy to give because she would win My Favorite Person on Twitter
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