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We need more animal games!

One of my favorite games as a kid was Ecco the Dolphin. Sure, it wasn't the manliest of games, but in many ways it was. Is there anything more manly than exploring the depths of unknown waters, encountering all sorts of crazy sea creatures, while your oxygen bar is ticking away? I think not. And the puzzles were devious.

But anyway, the point of this post is that we need more games where you play as non-humans or humanoids. Part of what made Ecco the dolphin so cool were the mechanics that arise from the fact that you're a dolphin. You can swim pretty damn well, but you've got limited oxygen. You can use echo-location. And, you can talk to other sea mammals and go back in time as well. Humans can't do these things, and it's one of the cool aspects of video games: giving you experiences that are otherwise impossible.

Sure, there are plenty of games that have you play as an anthropomorphic animal, like hedgehogs or lombaxes, but how about a game where you play as an eagle? Imagine that. You'd just soar in the sky, be awesome, and then swoop down real frikkin' fast to catch a rabbit or something. So the animal's behavior would become the game mechanics. I think that'd be pretty sweet. At least it'd be different. Call of Duty 6: Eagle Warfare.

Woops, that's a falcon. Whatever. Same thing.

Or how about a parkour game where you play as a monkey, swinging around the jungle? Assassin's Creed 3: Tale of the Chimp. So what other animals do you think would make for cool game mechanics?
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