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Bulletstorm Review (Spoiler Free!) [PC]

I've learned not to hype over games, because I usually end up dissapointed. SSBB being the easiest one to remember, followed by Borderlands, then Split/Second. But lately, I've been bouncing off the walls. Duty Calls was one of the best marketing campaigns I've seen in a while, and in some ways, better than your mom hates Dead space 2. But here is my review, of Bulletstorm, for PC.

The Story

I, myself, ignored the entire story of bulletstorm. “BUT THATS A VITAL GAME ELEMENT!” No, not for games like Bulletstorm. If the object of the game is to destroy everything in the coolest way possible, what do I care if anything goes wrong on some apocalyptic island?

Anyways, the story's basically that Grayson Hunt and his crewmates are soldies for the conferderation's army. Then one day, as they assassinate someone, they realize they're killing innocent people and decide to go after their commander for revenge.

The story is not too strong here, but I'm not asking it to. I'm asking for the gameplay to be fun in this specific game. The story in bulletstorm is weak, but I don't really care. No one buys bulletstorm for the story.( By story, I mean, STRICTLY story. The campaign is still really good, the story element isn’t.)


The voice acting is good for the overall tone of the gameplay, but it sometimes acts like it's trying to hard to sound goofy/funny. And for the most part, I like it. After about 4 hours in though, I get kind of tired with the dick jokes.

I really liked the idea of this game that I gave to it, being that it's like getting revenge for every antagonist I've ever fought in any game ever. You know, I can use these gang members like my scapegoats. Kick them, thump them, Blow 'em up.

I give this game...8.75/10

+ Awesome gameplay
+ Great voice acting
+ Great Graphical selection
+ Good use of Quicktime events
- Multiplayer = Singleplayer
- No replayability
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