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Screw you Eve Online!

Captain's log. Thursday evening. Drinking time.

Been logged off for 3 days from Eve waiting to get the skills needed to pilot my discounted ship. Said ship was in low-sec space but being naive I took the chance and found getting to my new ship's station was the easy part. Getting into my new ship was like a breath of fresh air to me. I saw the new ISK making possibilities twinkle in my little head. This ship was a ORE Industrial Retreiver. I gave it a name better than Mikkoss' Retriever and called it: "Not a Porsche". Could make someone chuckle, I thought to myself. I checked all was ready and set out to make it to home and get some asteroid blasting equipment on this new juggernaut.

I undocked with everything planned out.

I was greeted to an overview of 2 yellow tagged ships. Could be trouble I thought. I quickly picked out my route and hit the warp button. The ship faffed about moving about like a truck trying to drive into a shoe box and would not give up. I sensed something's wrong.
Alarms sound. I've been targeted. I was like the fat, stupid kid leaving the school grounds and the bully is the god damn Predator! The first shot bites into my armour straight away. I knew I was in trouble. There's nothing that could be done, can't hide, may run but still my ship still acts confused. I hit warp some more times thinking that if I'm lucky I'll get away with some damage but still have my prize. The next shot blasts through into the hull. My ship has fire coming out of it's backside. I don't stand a chance. I need to get out now. I gaze at my ship being completely helpless.


Ships gone... Just me in the pod now. I manage to warp away. To the wrong jump gate. The bully chases after me. I jump again to the gate I want. I get away with my clone with a head full of cheap PC parts attached to his brain and a shoddy insurance payout.
I message the corp members of what happened. There's no sympathy from those veterans. Just a reminder to never try this again.

I make it to my home station alive. Get in a smaller ship and took a low pay mission and 5 minutes later I make less than 1% of the ISK towards a new ship...
I quit.

... Well there's always that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm trial on. Time to get my goblin on!
I may go back to Eve again some time. When I calm down about the time I sunk towards getting that ship for just a whole 40 seconds.
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