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Hands On: Playstation Move Heroes Demo

Welcome to my very first D-Toid Blog post ever! If anything's off or just plain crap, call me out on it and I'll either fix it asap or send you a picture of me flipping you off. (choice decided by coin flip)

As an ESTEEMED Playstation Rewards beta member, earlier this evening I was sent an early access demo code for the soon-to-be-released Playstation Move Heroes. Is it worth your time and money? Let's find out...


The controls here are fairly simple and range from very responsive (using the blaster) to slightly aggravating (using the wrench for combat). The Move wand controls the weapon/items and the navigation controller is used for character movement. You can strafe, block, dodge, aim, and attack with relative ease.

Since I only have a single Move wand and no navigation controller, I was forced to use one of my standard controllers for character movement. This is one situation where having an original non-rumble controller might come in handy because the it's significantly easier to keep a grip on the lighter original than it is with the Dual Shock 2 (though neither is especially great for one handed use). I recommend holding the opposite end of the controller against your body for better stability.

Gameplay Styles:

I was able to use all but one of the six Heroes (no Daxter in the demo) in five different styles of play. Each character also has their own special move (that you can activate after charging the special meter by collecting crystals) ranging from staples like Ratchet's Groovitron grenade to Bentley's cage-finding homing beacon.


The first was a survival style combat stage with Sly using a plasma whip.

This was a pretty fun area where you battled waves of baddies using the Move wand as your whip in a roughly 1:1 movement sensing style. If you swing from right to left, Sly will do the same. And if you hold the wand over your shoulder, Sly charges up for a extra powerful attack. You can also grab enemies with the whip and throw them at each other, but the direction you throw them seems kind of dependent on having other baddies around to home in on.


The next stage up was Jak handling some kind of electric bowling ball.

(the pic isn't of Jak, but it is of the bowling gameplay)

This stage plays out like a motion control bowling game but with a twist. The goal is to bust open cages scattered about the area by navigating over and around ramps, boxes, speed-boosters, and other obstacles. Line up your shot with the navigation controller and throw with wand, and then control the movement of the ball by tilting and moving the wand.

This stage was pretty interesting as it played out as a sort of timed puzzle where you have to find a path for your ball to reach each cage without smashing into too much along the way.


Third up was my man Ratchet with his trusty wrench and some up-close combat.

Sadly, this was the most frustrating of the stages. Though similar in effect to the plasma whip controls, the wrench swinging mechanics just didn't seem to be as consistent or as responsive as the latter.

As I ran around the stage trying to save the little purple dudes, enemies popped up along the way for me to beat up. At first they handed me my ass because I couldn't swing the wrench as fast as I'd like, but then I figured out how useful blocking and dodging can be and it became a bit easier. I also managed to get lost a bit in this stage despite it's small size. Areas were sectioned off seemingly at random and opened up gradually as you saved more purple dudes. Most of the sections looked very similar to each other, making it difficult to tell if I had already searched that corner or not. This was easily my least favorite stage.


Up next, hover-cartin' Bentley and a bit of disc golf.

(I couldn't find a picture of this one, so here's Bently with some other weapon)

This stage was very similar to the Jak bowling stage except you're throwing buzz-saw discs through the air to find and break cages and save your little purple buddies. The main difference is that you have to do a bit of exploring, since you don't actually start with any discs to throw.

The controls are as simple as making a frisbee throwing motion with the wand and then tilting and moving the wand to direct its path in 3D space. This was an altogether fun stage that required a bit of searching to find the less conspicuously hidden cages. You also sometimes needed to travel through speed-boosting rings in order to catch up to some of the moving cages.


Lastly, we come to Clank and his shotgun blaster.

This was by far my favorite section of the demo. The controls were tight and accurate and it reminded me the most of a standard Ratchet and Clank type of game. You move and strafe with the navigation controller and you aim and fire with the wand and the trigger button.

Here I think we're seeing some of the true potential for the Move controller. You run around a larger stage, blasting various types of baddies (some with guns as well) and occasionally dodging bomb-throwing flying robots. I would most certainly buy an entire Ratchet and Clank move game if it meant running and gunning with multiple weapons and these controls.

The Verdict:

Sony has a pretty good game on their hands here. They've found a fresh and interesting way to put together what is basically a mini-game collection (Brawling, Bowling, Disc Golf, and Shooting) with the added charm of some of their most beloved characters.

I'm not sure if I would buy this game for the full $40 (I'd have to get a better picture of the total content on the disc), but I will undoubtedly be picking this game up at some point.

At the very least, I encourage everyone with a Move controller to give this demo a try when it becomes available to the public. This will probably be the second Move-specific game that I feel is worth buying. (along side Tumble, which is $50 worth of gameplay in a $10 package)
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