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C-Blog Interviews: COM 01

Well this was unintentional, but it seems that I've collected interviews from girls recently so in order to be a bit more theatrical I saved those, sent out the next couple interviews to only girls and thus Unofficial, Official, Girl Gamer Week for the C-Blog Interviews!" was born. Alright!!! Girls!!!!

Oh, also,


Interviews are not in color unless you wish otherwise. The color option on the blog is a bitch and hard to work with.

First, a basic question. When did you start Drawing?

I suppose ever since I could wield a crayon? Creating for me is as natural as say eating or sleeping so I couldn't really give you the exact moment in time when I started. For realsies though, I was a Graphic Arts major in college until I was coerced by my father to go into nursing by PURE ASIAN GUILT TRIP POWERS alone. After that whole fiasco, I was left with a trade I wasn't particularly fond of and decided take a break from it to illustrate, paint, sew, sculpt, and frolic. I'm much happier if not poorer, but everything you do in life is a steady climb up a mindfuck of a mountain and slips are bound to happen.

How did you find Destructoid?

When the 7th gen consoles came out, I was still an avid PC gamer and usually only checked sites like Blues News. I eventually purchased the 360 in 2007 and stumbled upon Dtoid through word of month, peeking around with lurker tendencies but made it a staple in 2010. Like every relationship, you make mistakes by taking an interest in Kotaku or 1UP, thinking that they were the perfect match. Then you find Dtoid and immediately drop their lame asses and nest up with the wonderful community here.

One word to describe yourself.


Favorite Game?

I only get to pick one? Merp. Diablo 2, due to it's everlasting replay value, something that developers seem to overlook at times.

Favorite Movie?

Law, you're killing me here! There are so many! Alright, Shawshank Redemption.

Pssst. I heard you're with Corduroy Turtle. How did you two meet? (That is, if you want to share.)

Yes, there are rumors of this. I met him at his place of employment where I was a patron. He "charmed" me with his lumberjack beard, towering build and exhausted eyes. Oh and his sharp sense of humor cut me in da face so I had to get to know him.

[b]2 Part Question: Is that Thom Yorke on your about me section, and if so, we should be best friends, and 2.) Did you ever see that Watson and Crick movie Race for the Double Helix (or something) with Jeff Goldblum?

WHHHATT?? We're not already friends?? T^T Geez Law, thought we were cool. Yes, that's Thom Yorke, I have a thing for lazy-eyed-ex-choir-boys that produce beats my brain meats enjoy. 2) I have not but thank you for bringing it up. I'll scavenge around to see if I can find a copy to view. (Law's Notes: We are friends, but now that I know you and Corduroy are Radiohead fans, we're bestest friends.)

Is there anything artistic you've done that you are particularly proud of?

I don't think I would say I'm proud of any piece. Each time you create something, it is an extension of who you are. If I make something that someone else also enjoys, then that makes my day. I'm more relieved and feel a sense of accomplishment that I didn't screw up a technique or absolutely despise the finished product more than anything. Although I gotta say, I made a pretty keen Metroid sculpt for CT before we started dating that probably sealed the deal.

Go visit her gallery.
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