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Why I'll be skipping out on the 3DS and NGP at launch.

I've owned 2 DS lites, one being the first model (The VERY plastic-esque one) and the other being the one that was more durable and came with a faceplate. I had a lot of fun with the games the NDS had and it was money well spent in my opinion. My family has to constantly travel back and forth to drop me or my brothers/sisters off, or pick them up. My parents are divorced and live about 3 hours away from each other, and times like that, the NDS is put to full usage.

But now, the 3DS and the NGP are coming out, and I've been unwilling to talk about them nearly as much as everyone else is because they're NOT OUT YET. So, my speculation on the systems will pretty much be at a standstill until they come out and have more games in there library rather than just launch titles. But for the mean time, this is why I'll be skipping out on the 3DS and NGP at launch.

The 3DS

The Launch lineup

This is actually what most people cheering about, but I am a bit bothered by their lineup. In terms of showing off the graphical capabilities, it's awesome. In the idea of making the games on a portable is just....egghh...

Kid Icarus: Honestly, was it necessary to revive a franchise THIS dead? That's just flat out greed.

Street Fighter/DoA: Fighting, IMO, should be limited to consoles and Arcades, because that's where they really show off their awesomeness. Carrying around a pocket-sized fighter is fun, but not the same experience you'd get anywhere else.

Tom Clancy games: Conviction was brutal for making me recognize 300 different buttons all for stealth manuevers. Seeing games like this on a handheld just makes me...meh...

Nintendogs/Cats: Cats don't do much more than dogs. Why re-release the same game with a different skin?

Resident Evil: Shooters hardly ever work on a handheld well enough to be considered great.

Sims 3: Sims on DS and Wii both go to show that nintendo loves ruining the sim franchise.

Animal Crossing: With 3 of the same animal crossing being re-re-released, I just can't help but feel like there isn't much to expect here, even if you're the mayor.

However, there are a few games I want to see, and that's

Star Fox, Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Super monkey Ball

But they're all rehashes!!!!

The unnecessary features

WE DIDN'T NEED 3D. Honestly, that's a big gimmick and will be super awesome amazing for the first 10 seconds until we're like, “Yeeahh, I'm pretty used to this.” A comparison, Jeff Dunham. He's a comedian/Ventriloquist, and his puppet Ahmed, the dead terrorist, says “SILENCE, I KILL YOU”. And that was HILARIOUS. I died laughing. But after the 20th time, I was so sick of it I wanted to put my mouth over a toilet bowl and prepare to blow chunks.

The new processor and motion sensor was all it really needed, to be honest. The graphics seriously needed a boost, and the motion control will add some interesting gameplay to some series I miss (Super Monkey Ball). Oh, and the Analog nub. That's nice.

And the camera. Who asked for a camera on the DS? I want to find them, and smack them in the face. There are some places a camera should never be, a gaming utensil like the 3DS, for example. Because then it gives them the right to say, “$250 is ridiculous? There's a camera on it. It's worth it now.”

Get rid of the Camera and the 3D. Then drop the price to something I'm willing to pay for.


I completely missed out on the PSP!

Although the PSP didn't have nearly as many good games as the DS did, it did have quite a few awesome-looking games that I'd definitely give a try. And with the NGP coming out, the PSP should drop to a lower price. I mean, right now, a used one is $130. That's the price of a brand new DS. With the NGP, hopefully we'll be seeing a large drop in the price of a PSP, and I can finally pick one up.

THEIR launch titles.

Nintendo had some good ones that I'm really excited for, but the PSP has just...meh so far. Uncharted's been announced, but imagining that on a handheld is hard to believe. Something just has to go wrong. I've never played Killzone 2/3. Never played LBP either.

Also, the PSP had a hard time moving along, especially when the PS3 came along and stole the spotlight with, no games. Ps3 has games now, but it took quite a while to reach this far, and the PSP is still kind of....out in the cold. Seeing PSP's treatment only makes me thinking about the NGP a little more pessimistic.

The fear that its library will end up like the PSP

I can't help but feel like some people out there really regret having bought a PSP, because the library wasn't nearly as good as the DS's library. I can only think of a few interesting PSP games off of the top of my head, and it's very limited compared to the DS. But then again, I've only ever owned a DS, so maybe I'm not entirely right.

In conclusion...

I'll be skipping out on the 3DS at launch definitely because of the hefty price tag and the lack of what I think to be a good handheld game lineup. The 3D and the camera is completely unnecessary and it's gonna charge me more for what I won't use? Yeeaaah, no.

I'll be skipping out on the NGP because I still have to get caught up with the PSP itself, and there's always the fear that it's library will end up like the PSP. And it's lineup so far, is worse than the 3DS, and it's price tag has yet to be announced.
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