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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - New Games and Gifts of Awesome! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, Iím on my third to last ď5 MonthsĒ blog. This time you guys are in for a treat, as Iíll be recapping the new games (yeah, I actually do get new ones, since theyíre not available from Cash Converters, hahaha!) Iíve bought the past 5 months, along with a few super kickass gifts/trades Iíve received from some local Calgary homeboys. Weíve got stuff Iíve purchased from EB Games, Best Buy, Capcomís Online Store, NISí Online Store, a Kijiji purchase, and a couple hookups/presents from my homies possumwrangler and Grimstar. This should be a bit more exciting than the last one (even though the last one had stuff from LIGHTS! =P), so hopefully you enjoy! But before that . . .

If I had a ton of money, Iíd be frivolous and totally fucking waste it all, since I have no goddamn clue how to budget money or how not to be responsible . . . period! Iíd just break shit and not care, because I can replace it for the time being, plus Iíll totally perpetuate the American stereotype of being a wasteful mother fucker. Iím pretty much narcissistic, because I have no real sense of reality and think that people will magically like me if I lose some weight, even though I have the personality of a giant asshole. Iíll totally somehow build a monument of myself as well, to somehow translate how much ďbetterĒ I am than everyone else, even though I may have to rely on the food bank, yet will waste all my money on impulse purchases! With that done . . . on with the show! ^_^

So, you can tell how backlogged Iíve been with posting by this picture. Lo and behold, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Collectorís Edition. I was quite the fan of this collectorís edition, as it had unique packaging and just had all around awesome stuff. This is despite the fact that itís pretty much the same as the World of Warcarft collectorís editions. As you can see, thereís guest passes, the game, a comic, a dog tag USB drive, an art book, a DVD, and a soundtrack. As any typical Asian would, I was pretty into the game for when I finally got around to playing it, around October/November, but was still really nostalgic for the old school strategies, hahaha!

Hey! Shut up! It said Final Fantasy and ďCollectorís EditionĒ on it . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . -_-Ď Well, we have the travesty of Final Fantasy XIV Online Collectorís Edition here. The package actually has some really cool stuff in it, like mini-certificates and all kinds of other jazz, but even though I had no intention of playing it, itís kind of sad to hear how terrible it was. It honestly looked pretty good at PAX 2010, but alas, it seems like it didnít pull through. Iím still not a fan of the series going the MMORPG route, but Iím also not a fan of people who expect them to be all the ďsameĒ game either, but thatís for another day. Beside it, we have Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition. Itís not opened, but a few posts ago, my homeboy ChillyBilly opened his and gave you an inside look at its contents, which you can find here. It has some cool stuff like a syringe pen, a notepad, art book, etc. Iím a fan of the steelbook it comes in too.

Much like my collecting counterpart, Iím a tard too, and got a second copy of the game, only this time itís the High Stakes Edition that was only available through Capcomís Online Store. Itís pretty much ďopen,Ē so I decided Iíd show you guys the contents, even if you forgot what it looked like from my homieís post. The poker chips have a nice weight to them and the map is pretty balliní and realistic. Unfortunately, I didnít get the golden ticket to win a life size zombie statue . . . lame . . . >_< Hahaha!

I should really play my PS3 more often . . . or console games for that matter. Here we have copies of MAG, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City. Odds are, Iíll get around to the latter sometime, as I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in IV, where I think they lowered the ďcustomizationĒ from San Andreas just enough, but kept it still pretty wide open.

Now we have some DS love for some of my favorite companies around! We have Xseed, Atlus, Natsume, and to a lesser extent, WB Games . . . hahaha! We have the adorably cut Ivy the Kiwi?, the crazy mini-game filled 101-in-1 Sports Megamix, the somewhat improved Super Scribblenauts, and the very solid and still pretty much unknown port of Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.

Believe it or not, I do give my PSP some love. Canít really go wrong with any of these RPGs, particularly with the companies behind them. We have Segaís Valkyria Chronicles II, along with Aksysí Blazing Souls: Accelate, and the great Atlusí Knights in the Nightmare, which also has a download voucher for the very excellent Yggdra Union in it as well! ^_^

You know whatís annoying? How itís extremely rare that Nintendo games will EVER go down in price? Unless thereís like a VERY special reason or sale, notice how Nintendo published games never go down in price? It gets annoying when you want to get it, but itís been out like over a year and still the same price . . . >_< Enough with that though, since we have an exception in the form of Wii Music. Continuing with the Wii, we have the bundle edition of GoldenEye 007, which has that sexy Gold Classic Controller Pro! To finish the picture off, we have my second version of Plants vs. Zombies!

Special edition time! d(Ď-Ďd) We start off with the second of the Ys special editions that Xseed and Falcom are releasing on the PSP. It is Ys: The Oath in Felghana Premium Edition and it has a soundtrack and calendar in it. Next up is God of . . . erm . . . I mean Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Limited Edition, which has a soundtrack and a nice art book in its packaging. Finally, we have Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collectorís Edition, and it has a collectible steelbook, some downloadable content for skins, lightsabers, etc., and a 2GB Starkiller flash drive.

Speaking of Ys, I mentioned back in September that I won a contest to get my name in Ys Seven as a quest giving NPC. I didnít have time to play the game, so I was never able to find myself, until PekoponTAS wrote his blog for his 2010 Game of the Year Awards, where he mentioned he played the game. Long story short, I asked him to find me and he did! ^_^ =D =) =3 So, I can officially now say I am forever in a video game . . . hahaha! Hopefully Iíll have my mini-gift for you out by the time I post this for finding me mate! Thanks again!

So, the NIS Online Store is pretty much the best thing ever if you want any of their games. They almost always have super limited (usually 2,000 at most or less) pre-order bonuses for their already usually rare games. This time around, we have Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. This special edition bundle came with the art book (which is also in the Gamestop [USA at least . . . no Canada . . . >_<] exclusive version) and the fairly limited soundtrack. Awesome!

Keeping with the NIS Online Store, we have Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, which not only has one of the craziest and best names ever, but through pre-ordering online, I got a sticker that was limited to just a few hundred or so. Not as cool as a soundtrack or the other stuff they usually offer, but still appreciated nonetheless. Along with that, we have yet another Atlus game with Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City that also came with an art book of all three games!

Here we have a still sealed Fallout: New Vegas Collectorís Edition. I honestly canít remember absolutely everything thatís suppose to be in it, but my homie ChillyBilly opened his copy and showed off some of the contents. It seems like there are playing cards, some dice, that platinum coin flipper thing (itís coming back to me), poker chips, coaster, and like a poster.

What we have here is a pretty balliní Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition. You get the Hardened Edition in it as well, which has a steelbook case, thereís a medal somewhere in there too, a few other doodads, and you get an actual working RC Car that also has a camera on it. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Also, I find this game to be much better than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, even though itís made by Treyarch, mainly due to the fact itís significantly less buggy, broken, and gimmicky.

I was quite the fan of this Collectorís Edition of Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood! You get a big box with some awesome art on it, and in it you have one of those pre-printed and signed posters, a bonus content DVD, the game, an art book, and the super kickass jack-in-the-box. Pretty cool for a game that I hear is a significant upgrade from the previous games in the series.

Now weíre back to some DS loviní. To start off, we have Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, which is apparently the hands down best in the series. I unfortunately havenít had the time to invest in the game yet, but my very close homeboy Zoel says itís nothing short of sensational. To the point where he has GameFAQsí only guide for it, which you can find if you click here! Itís a pretty in-depth guide for a pretty fun game, from what Iíve played. Next to it, we have the superior to the Wii version of Sonic Colors. Nothing much I can say about it, only that it came with some awesome swag youíll see next week or so.

So, I was a tard and was hoping that Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride would eventually go down in price, or I would find a copy at my gaming mecca, Cash Converters, but it just disappeared on me. Thatís why I just decided to bite the bullet and buy this from EB Games used when it finally showed up, for a price I thought was inflated. Still, itís from the Dragon Quest series, so you canít really go wrong. Next to it is a game that I PROMISE you that I am going to play, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! I got some sweet stuff with that as well, but youíll have to wait until next post. Aksys has really been on a roll lately with releasing really niche but awesome games! ^_^

And now for the opinion dividing Disney Epic Mickey Collectorís Edition. I havenít had a chance to play it aside from PAX, but it seemed to be a better game than a lot of people are saying about it. Still, it seemed like a sweet collectorís edition, particularly due to the Mickey Mouse figure that is in the box, which I was told some people were buying it solely for.

A new expansion comes out, so it just naturally means Iíll have to pick up the Collectorís Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Somewhat interesting tidbit, I actually donít have the Collectorís Edition of the original game . . . -_-Ď Anybody out there looking to offload a complete version of that to me? Private message if you are willing to! =)

A couple more random games I got a hold of, both of which were the Deal of the Day for EB Gamesí in Canada. We start with NIER on the PS3 for a cool $10 and then the ever so expensive $5 I spent on Americaís Test Kitchen: Letís Get Cooking, which I picked up solely for the Club Nintendo points.

Somehow I messed up and forgot to include this Genesis copy of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys in my last post, especially since it came from Cash Converters. Along with that though, we have Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which were on sale for like $40 together around Christmas time.

Just a typical ďPremiere EditionĒ guide for a Nintendo game, this time being Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

I donít know how, but somehow I forgot to do my typical photograph of this in my room, like I do with the rest of my collection. I was too lazy to bring this upstairs, so I just brought the camera downstairs since I was heading down anyways. Still, we have Super Mario All-Stars here, on display in my ďcollectorís editionĒ corner of my gaming collection.

Here are a few random things that I got from either Kijiji or from some local friends. We have a boxed copy of Arkanoid: Doh It Again (really? ďDoh It Again?Ē), some mad balliní Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, an Xbox copy of Capcom vs. SNK 3 EO, and last but not least, for some reason, a relatively elusive copy of Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir! Many thanks yo! You know who you are.

So, every once in a while, my fellow collector homeboy possumwrangler will order guides on Amazon for us. Heíll also check out their Atlus selection to see if there are any sellers of stuff that Iím missing. Well, this time he hella pulled through for me. First up is a game that I didnít even have on my ďAtlus Buy List,Ē which is High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge[i]. Itís on freakiní Saturn yo! Thatís pretty sweet, although, now I have to find one of them cases for it . . . >_< . . . hahaha! Along with that though, we have a sealed copy of [i]DemiKids: Light Version for GBA, which even Mr. Iím the Shin Megami Tensei Fan With No Avatar Picture didnít even know it was from the series! So much Atlus . . . so much win! ^_^ Thanks dude, youíre the best!

So, weíre almost at the end of this haul friends, but I have some awesome stuff to follow up the Atlus stuff. Here we have two of the PlayStationís most notoriously hard to get games in the form of the late Working Designsí Vanguard Bandits and the ever lovable The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Another local homeboy in Grimstar is a fan of that Japanime stuff, so he went to the mini-Japanime festival thing in Calgary. He knows a vendor that goes there, so I just gave him money and he picked up these two gems for me. Awww yeah! =) Many thanks dude, tis be nothing short of awesome . . . and shiny! d(Ď-Ďd)

Awww yeah! =3 Not only did he manage to snag the previous two for me, he also managed to get this gem from the same seller for me as a Christmas present! The possibly even more elusive/expensive Mega Man Legends 2. Dude, you da man for helping with the collection and being a brotha from anotha motha! So, a huge shout out to you Grimstar, and I know itís late, but youíll most definitely enjoy what I have in store for your Christmas present! =P

Well, so concludes another edition of one of my hauls. Iím thinking swag will be the next one, then finally hardware the one after. Weíll see. It is a long weekend for me, so I might try to get up some Japan pictures for Monday. Still, due to some . . . ďcircumstances,Ē this may be the last week of my post bannism but not really ďrantsĒ at the paragraph before pictures, but things may change! =D Hahaha! Until next time, latez mates.
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