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Metal Gear Online got an update. Wait, what!? o.O

I had the random urge earlier today to pop in my copy of MGS4, what came with a free version of MGO on the same disk when I bought it, and play a little bit of MGO. Much to my surprise... the game told me that I needed to download an update ._.

I thought at first that maybe I accidentally deleted the update data when I was cleaning up my HDD, and ya know... deleting things to free up space. When I hit the details though, it said that it was a new version... released recently even.

Image from Play-Asia

Here's the patch notes copied from the official MGO website:

02/08/2011 MGO Client Updated to Ver.1.36

>> Revision Points
・The issue, where the game's connection would progressively suffer if the network connection was determined to be disconnected illegitimately at the start of the game, has been revised.
・Revisions have been made so the following behaviors are no longer possible:
* Performing of a particular action to throw an invisible grenade into the opponent's screen to disrupt gameplay for other players
* Performing of a particular action to throw a grenade into only the opponent's screen to disrupt gameplay for other players
・A portion of the system has been adjusted to address the following action:
* Prohibited actions that involve the manipulation of a network connection
>> Specification Changes
・Drebin Points for weapons have been adjusted.
・Weapon paramaters have been adjusted.
・Skill paramaters have been adjusted.
・Skills for Unique Characters have been adjusted.
・Player Character movement has been increased overall.
・Idle Kicks have been implemented for Auto Matching.

Now, I haven't actually played enough to see what was changed first hand in it's entirety, but I haven't experienced the dreaded invisible smoke nades yet, so that's a plus. ^^b

The also seemed faster too. First I didn't realize that I didn't have my runner skill on, yet I felt like I had it on. Also... I kept dying cause people got to places and shot me in the head right as I got there. The Mk. 4 Assault Rifle has gotten a price drop so it now costs as much as the M4. Variety, GET!!

I heard after scouring the innertubes some that the Slug ammo(the ones that let shotguns get headshots) no longer costs anything to select, and that Solid Snake's skill set now includes the amazing "Box Move 3" which allows him to ram people with his box. Makes sense considering he's the man that pioneered Box Running. I can't wait to see these new changes in action.

Here's a neat MGO montage video to break up the wall of text. =3


The thing that still puzzles me though is why Konami would update an old, mostly forgotten about game like MGO. Well, as it turns out, the Japanese version of Metal Gear Online is still heavily popular, and frequently played. That sounds like the most logical reason, if it weren't for the fact that there were still no major updates since back in 2009 ._.

I'm starting to think though that this might be a sign of a lead in to the next tie in, with whatever they have planned for Metal Gear Rising. For those that are unaware, or misinformed, Metal Gear Online has always, technically, been a stand alone game from Metal Gear Solid 4(yes, that picture I showed you at the beginning of this post is a real thing, not a mockup). This is most apparent in Japan where the game was not only in Arcades with it's own arcade unit, but was also a separate boxed product as well.

This leads me to believe that instead of getting a whole new online component with Metal Gear Rising, the MGO we know(this one, MGO2) will instead receive a new update that changes around a lot of things to incorporate some new things from Rising. Of course, this is all speculation, and it's possible that they might only release a new expansion with some new characters and maps from the new game. One can only hope to hear more at E3, TGS, or one of the other big game show conventions this year, right? X3

What secrets will he bring? =P
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