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This is how to not suck at Community Blogging


So for awhile now, I've been noticing a ton of one sentence blogs popping up. Hell, the post right under this one sentence of nonsense.To all those people I say *ah-hem* YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

This is ripped straight from the Guide to Destructoid which just went up:

Etiquette and blogging advice

"A blog is a short, editorialized essay, whereas a forum is the start, middle, or end of a conversation. We offer both. Not knowing the difference is the fastest way to fail at life online, and at Destructoid in general.

Once you’ve set a blog live, it will appear on the main community blogs page. UNLIKE A PERSONAL STANDALONE BLOG, THIS IS A SHARED SPACE WHERE WE SHOWCASE YOUR WORK. The community frowns upon any type of spamming, so space out the amount of blogs you do since you’ll push down other blogs. Go for quality instead of quantity -- that makes *all* the difference. Blogs are voted up by readers and staff, so make a good impression!"

We get it. You're new and you're still learning the ropes. The Dtoid Guide was long overdue, but now there's something in place that will help you learn the ways of how to do do (DO DO LOL) the right way. We actually give a damn about what you have to say so make it count. Additionally, here's some more on how to blawg:

Unlike our home page, our community blogs and forums are completely run voluntarily by people all over the world just like you. Here, you can write on any subject of your desire, and anyone can view and comment on your writing, too. Blog posts with a certain amount of “Faps” (our version of up-voting) will appear on the sidebar of the front page of Destructoid. Our crack team of C-Blog Recappers (all community members) will highlight their favorite blogs in their nightly recaps too.

Not only does the community read your blogs, but the staff does, too. We actively hunt for well-written blogs and promote them to the front page of Destructoid. A majority of our staff was brought on the team because of their work on the Community Blogs, in fact! The easiest way to be front-paged on Destructoid is by contributing to our Monthly Musing Assignment. Each month, we think of a certain subject in the world of videogames that you can comment on in an editorial. Some of the most popular blogs may be promoted to the front page of Destructoid. We’re not just looking for well-thought-out pieces, though! Awesome videos, fan art and anything we or the community deem worthy can and will be front-paged. We want to represent everyone’s voice fairly.

Community, feel free to link to this post or the main guide when helping the newbs among your barrage of picture spamming and song lyric sharing.

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