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How to maintain and take care of your PC

I wrote this just yesterday when I was introducing myself to a new online community. I did this to show that I can be helpful, and earn their trust. But looking over it, I feel like it's good enough for anyone, so here's the version I brought over to here. And if you fap, or say "Thanks" or something along those lines, I may end up making a few more blogs about this kind of stuff.

I'm a PC gamer, and it being so, I have to look after my PC like crazy because I don't want anything bad to happen to it. Because if my PC dies, all of my games will be gone until it's fixed. So I've studied and ran through all of the necessary tasks that are needed to be done in order to keep a PC working very well. As a new poster here, I hope this contribution will be nice.

--//Choosing the hardware suited for you\\--

In this little pic, it highlights some of the more important softwares you NEED to get.

Firefox:Firefox is an internet browser similar to Internet Explorer, although Firefox is faster, more secure, and much more user friendly. ADDONS YOU MUST GET: AdBlock Plus.

CCleaner:CCleaner is a program that wipes all temporary memory off of your computer. Once a week, run it with the default settings checked. Once a month, run it will all the boxes checked. It will remove your history/cache, but it will speed everything up in the long run.

Defraggler:Cleans up the files that stuff like the Recycle bin leaves behind and optimizes everything by killing off dead space in your files. Run it once a month. Analyze your harddrives, then defrag.

VLC:VLC is a media player similar to Windows Media Player, but it can run much more and is a bit more complicated. But in return, it can run roughly any video codec out there.

Avast:Probably the best anti-virus out there. Can be substituted for AVG. Switch it to silent mode permanently, otherwise, it'll have an annoying voice tell you that it's been updated every five seconds.

OpenOffice: OpenOffice is Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Everything else for free on the internet.

Skype: Skype is a program that allows you to call other people's computers for free, or call phones for a price.

GIMP: GIMP is a more complicated version of paint, a little less than photoshop, and for free.

WinRar: Extracts, archives, and uses .rar/.zip files in a well working manner.

Other Programs you may consider:

NotePad ++: A much more improved version of Notepad for free. Can handle HTML better, .CFG files, etc.

Steam: An online video game market where you can buy games and download them onto your PC and connect with others. Very highly recommended for PC gamers.

FRAPS: PC GAMERS ONLY: This will show you your FPS in games, allow screenshots, and will let you record video of the game you're playing.

Google Chrome: If you're running a laptop or running a weak PC, Google Chrome is a skinny version of firefox that does slightly less but doesn't take much to run and runs faster.

Minefield: An in-development form of Firefox that runs slightly faster.

Quick Media Converter: Will convert any media file into another file.

IMGBurn: Burns image files onto DVDs

--//Other Useful Information\\--

When buying a computer, ask yourself these questions:

How much am I going to be using this computer?
What am I going to be using this computer for?
How much am I willing to spend?

Don't go with a Mac unless you're REALLY into music/video editing. That's the primary reason they exist and for the most part, a custom built PC can outperform it.

DO NOT BUY ALIENWARE. You're buying a PC for $1500 that anyone can build for $800.

Try to stay away from computer repair shops. They usually end up giving you low-tier hardware to fix your broken hardware and charge you much more than they paid for the parts.

In the experiences I've seen, Nvidia costs more but is more reliable, while ATI costs less but has more compatibility issues.

There's another big OS besides Windows and Mac OS. It's called Linux. It's much more complicated in some releases and installing is a pain, but it's very refined and it's basically Mac OS in a sense, without the outrageous price tag. Linux is free, the more popular versions of linux are Ubuntu and Debian.

--//In conclusion\\--

Define what you want to use your PC for, and get one for that purpose. If you're only going to browse facebook, you don't need an i7 955 processor.

Clean out your PC with air duster once a month and DO NOT TURN THE CAN UPSIDE DOWN.

Upgrade maybe once a year, depending on what purpose you use your PC for.

Run Ccleaner once a week, run Defraggler once a month.

Use Firefox if you have a desktop with a bit of power, otherwise, use Google Chrome.

If you plan on buying a PC soon and plan on using it for extensive purposes, get Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer.
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