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Congrats Capcom... you f***s...


Today, Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looks like a true successor to Marvel Vs. Capcom (aka, balanced with a consistant art quality) and not just Capcoms answer to Fighters Megamix and MK Trilogy. So I was hyped when I went out three weeks ago and tried to preorder the collectors edition.

This was my mistake. You see, despite being in a college town with 3 different Gamestops, I was apparently too late to preorder the collectors edition. "No problem," I thought, as I began my lunch hour quest today to try and find this apparently rare gem.

First stop was Toys R Us, who had the ad depicting both editions and a gift card. Except nobody bothered to tell the workers since neither the game, nor knowledge of the game, was present among the staff. Getting it online was apparently an option though (which is was already false since I tried that the night before...) Much less the collectors edition... so off I went to location 2.

En Route, I called the Urbana Meijers and Savoy Walmart thinking, if I can just convince them to hold it, I could have a peaceful lunch and be covered. Neither location received collectors editions and with an eager soul, I wandered into Target. Alas, Target too, was drained of the collectors. Drained is the wrong word, they never received them.

At Best Buy was the biggest surprise of this quest... they actually HAD Collectors Editions come in, and sold out. At least there was hope, though it was not to be.

So I drove to the Champaign Meijers, and while walking back to the Electronics department, called the Urbana Walmart. No collectors editions came in. This would later be repeated to me by the Meijer store clerk, no collectors editions came in. At this point, I was starting to get aggitated, and took off for Walmart in Champaign. Luckily, all of these locations are close to one another and I could hit the ones that weren't via cell phone. I came into Walmart and found, yet again, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and yet again, they received no collectors editions.

The LAST game store in town is Exile on Main and it's next to Volition Inc. Translation: no way in fucking hell are they going to have copies left when 100+ gamers who work on games and play the hell out of Street Fighter III: Third Strike during lunch hours is going to leave any copies for non Volition folk. Defeated in my quest, I bought my standard edition of MvC3 and returned to work with a broken soul and an empty stomach. Update: See final notes on this point.

For those keeping score, that's 9 stores (not counting Exile since I didn't check there... yet) in a college town with no copies to be found and I look at this copy of MvC3 and most of my excitement for the game is gone. Just as I had lost interest when the God of War III Ultimate Edition was denied to me. I see it's gone back up over $100 through Amazon, Ebay is wanting $120, and Craigslist is wanting $90, and all I wanted was the collectors edition for a game I was legitimately excited about.

Now? Now I'm seriously considering returning the game. What I wanted was denied to me and my intention, while pure, would play victim to ridiculously low quantities and a false rarity driven by scalpers. I'm questioning the wisdom of picking up a game like this Day 1 when, if I just wait until it's competitor comes out on April 19th, this game will obviously be cheaper by then and I could pick up two games I'm excited about instead of one. I mean we're not talking limited editions anymore, where is the onus on a Day 1 purchase? Especially when all the stores who had the Day 1 purchase deals (Namely Toys R Us), didn't have any in stock. Fortunately for Capcom this didn't happen... this time. But Sony has lost out on my God of War purchase because of these shenanigans.

I come to this conclusion as I look at Collectors Edition after Collectors Edition languishing on shelves. I look at stacks of Halo Reach in huge boxes with $69.99 price tages. I stare at all the COD collectors editions and LBP2 bookend boxes. Then I question why Capcom forced this scarcity when all I wanted was to give them another $10. So while I congratulate Capcom on the success of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I can't help but blame them for this issue.

Nine stores... Nine stores and not a single fucking one of them could provide me with a collectors edition on the first day of launch, within 4 hours of these stores opening. By the time this blog post is updated, Walmart will be refunding my money as I give them their copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 back. Without my ability to snag it at Exile (more on that later), I would have lost all interest in the Day 1 purchase. Capcom isn't the only game in townn so MAYBE they need to quit acting like they are. Today is Tactics Ogre, next week is Killzone and Radiant Historia, the week after that is Thunderstone: Dragonspire. Moral of the story? Your customers should not have to work this hard to give you money. The moment your releases come to that, you've forgotten who's lifting your dumb ass in the first place.

If Capcom can't be bothered to make sure their Premium Edition is available Day 1 to legitimate enthusiasts, I can't be bothered to support this ridiculous tiered games system. Congrats, Capcom... you fucks... And seriously, a double fuck you to this culture of flipping limited releases on the secondary market. Companies can brag about these inflated prices, gamers suffer from these inflated prices, and scalpers who never get these inflated prices often just return the games a month and a half later. It's this market that lead directly to todays frustration.

Update: Directly after work, I DID call Exile on Main and surprise, surprise, surprise, they had some in stock. Rushing to downtown Champaign, I learned two things. The first is that for some reason my bank card puts the Champaign Parkling Lot machine into debug mode, the second being Exile on Main is likely going to be my first stop from now on when trying to track down this kind of stuff. Thanks Exile on Main... and I have my MvC3 special edition.
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