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DLC - Rushed, More of the same, Sometimes better.

DLC is becoming a problem in today's gaming industry. At first, it wasn't that big a deal. It was a good idea. Let people pay for more. I'm okay with that.

But when you release a half-assed Call of duty, label it as awesome, release 50 updates in the first 2 weeks, and release DLC in the first two months; Yeah, I'm a bit bothered. Black Ops will be my first demonstration of this.

So Black Ops is released, everyone's running into problems and people are like “Chill, it'll be cool.” Then they fix the bugs. Problem solved, but oh wait, new problem, we're low on money. I mean how else is $90205922358295 support ALL of Activision? NOT POSSIBLE. Time to release more content Right away! It's been TWO MONTHS TREYARCH. Let the game last for a little bit, I'm still trying out the game fixes!

“But the more maps add more playability.” Maybe for the first few seconds, but then you instantly realize that they're just more of the same. “Let's add a zipline!”. There has never been easier bait for....for.... “noobs” (That'll be the only time I use that word). Not only that, most of the playability MW2 had was doing challenges to get attachments. In here, they hand you money to go spend on anything.

The Beef being here is that BO instantly realized they cut out most of the replayability of Mw2 in the terms you actually had to WORK for your items. So then, DLC. And the game was JUST released. It still took everyone at least a week or two to prestige once. In fact, this maybe a bit “ballsy”, but I'm just going to say that the DLC maps were already made but delayed to add profit.

Then, the master of DLC/Expansions...


Sims 3 is simply a watered down piece of garbage in comparison to the other two sims games. But I'm not going to get into how much of a piece of shit sims 3 was because we're on the topic of DLC.

Technically, Sims 3 doesn't have DLC, per-say, but expansions. Same thing.

Sims 3 is the backbone to the game it wants to be. It's a skeleton with hardly anything on it. You have to go spend $20 on each expansion, and each expansion adds one vital organ. So by the time you've done spent $100, the skeleton can actually come to life with it's complete emotions, feelings, reactions, and general awesomeness. There's 6 expansions; 3 expansion packs and 3 “stuff packs” so you can get more stuff.

The expansions made a lot of neat stuff and so did the stuff packs. I mean look at this:

That, my friends, is planned DLC already in the development built of Crysis 2.

To summarize, DLC is becoming a problem. It reaps massive rewards for developers and cheats you out of material that could have been in the original game. And it's horribly rushed; Crysis 2 isn't even finished, but it has DLC in the making while BO released DLC two months after it's release. And if you make the DLC better than the actual games, like sims 3, then.....then....AREHJIGA
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