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Shoot the Breeze: Beywatch


Much love to Rex for the title and Law for just being Law.

I wrote this blog listening to Margo & Nuclear So And So's. I recommend you do the same. Not, uh, the part where you write this blog. I mean, that's an out-and-out terrible idea. But the music thing.

Speaking of music things, this weekend I've been all about Florence + The Machine. And I have no idea where that puts me, music-taste wise. I have no cultural awareness, so I don't know if these folks are trendy or sickly pop or what and frankly, I don't care. It's good stuff. That song, in the link? Nerd reference time, but if y'all remember the Master from Doc. Who, and how he had the drum song thumping through his veins? Yeah, Florence's beat is like that, but made out of sexy. Mind you, looking at John Simm, maybe it isn't that different after all.

What else got? What else got? I am best writer. Dang, wait, tell you what we can do. I hate to be one of these people, but what the great googly moogly (sp?) happened to the blogosphere this weekend? Goodness, I don't know, maybe I'm cranky because I need my napsies, but eek. So, I command you, subjects of my virtual domain, to either make every subsequent blog a statuesque wonder of at least two paragraphs and a lick of sense or further contribute to the Teenage Mutant Fabric Turtles.

Derp a derp. Not much to say this week. I didn't play many games and I'm not at a point where I've sculpted any of my other ideas to a point where they are presentable. Guh. I need time. More of it. Someone out there, I will give you the leftover half of my barbecue tofu chicken pizza to stick another day into the week. Beyday. Go forth.

While we're on it, pseudo chicken stands up surprisingly well. As a lovely bonus, the product itself doesn't float in that gelatinous slime which is so endemic of tofu products. Vegetarians, as a heads up, you will win over more people the minute your wares stop looking like the material Ivan Ooze builds his house out of.


More like Boo Human

I re-assimilated Silicon Knight's Too Human the other day. I'm a couple hours into my most recent playthrough and it's, uh, it's a thing. I'm actually having a pretty good time, truth be told. I mean, there's, there's a lot that's not good, or even downright frustrating, but then there's these moments where it falls together and it sings. You can hit up just about any site on the world wide webs to check out the fallout over what is an endlessly imperfect game, but I wanna chat about the beats that strike a chord.

I'm getting a real kick out of the Norse mythology stuff. They hammer it in like Thor himself and it's all sort of, well, superficial, but some of it is pretty smooth. Liking the idea of cyberspace as the land of witches and whatnot, it a really slick decision to wrap up the tones of fantasy and superstition into the virtual world. Likewise, a bunch of little things, including these big ol' raven statues, tie everything together well.

God, when the combat works, it shines. It's unreasonably rare, because the game doesn't seem to realize its greatest strength, but it happens. With piles of weaker enemies, it turns into this silky twinstick brawler which is all about sliding around like a day at the roller disco and tossing enemies into the air to hang like bobbles on a Christmas tree. Shame is, too often these janky enemies with too much health or a glut of AoE nonsense stroll in and call off the good times.

What else? Should've thought this through a little more before jumping in. Uh. There's loot. So that's cool. And the idea of collecting, not just weapons and armour, but buffs for both, yeah, that's pretty alright.

Really, honestly, truly, my biggest complaint is, mm, kind of dumb. Y'see, I like my big, burly space marines to look, well, pretty. As it stands, Baldur has about three different flavours of armour adorning his person and it's driving me crazy. Dude needs to learn him some fashion sense.

Speaking of sense, it's about time I wrapped this bad boy up. Aaaugh. Words are tough. Tell you what folks, lemmee save up a few this week, maybe I'll be less thrifty come next Monday. Hugs and kisses.
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