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Piracy, Jimquisition, Crysis 2: Another Generic Blog Title


Starting chronologically, Jim Sterling made a lot of good points in his video talking about piracy, but there's a few things I want to sort of clear up and discuss my opinion on the matter.

First up, his rant about how piracy is not sharing. Technically it is, but it's sharing to a massive degree. If I bring my copy of Dead Space to a friend's house, did he just steal it? No, he's sharing it with me. BY SAYING THIS; I AM NOT JUSTIFYING PIRACY. Just clearing up something. Piracy is sharing but a whole god damn lot of it.

D.R.M. Is just a delay method into making pirates get their games harder and take an actual few days. And if you still make a game popular enough, it's going to get pirated no matter how much DRM you put on it. Examples: Assassin's Creed 2, Black Ops, Warioware D.I.Y. And if you do have a really shitty ISP, maybe the worst in the world that times out 5 seconds, you have a lot more of a reason to pirate it. Otherwise, no.

Now I see having World of Goo being pirated a LOT, but you have to come to realize that the age target of video games defines how much it will be pirated. If you aim a game for 13+, you're begging for it to be pirated. If you aim lower, it will usually end up selling incredibly well. An example; The wii. Madworld/HOTD Overkill are two of the most pirated games for the wii, selling roughly 2 copies each. However, NSMB wii got pirated much less and bought a lot more. NSMB was aiming for a lower target audience, and therefore got more sales out of it.

The reason that people older will pirate more, is because they usually have more understanding of how to hack their wii/ps3/xbox 360 or crack their Pc files than younger people.

Also, the cost rant of Jim Sterling. Honestly, I can see this being a reason why a lot of people pirate. Seeing as in 2000, about 1/3 of the population of the United States had internet, they instantly gained access to downloading games, and seeing how many wiis/360s are sold per second, you can only imagine. Now, people like me who live in a low-middle/middle-middle class and don't get much from their parents other than a console and a PC, it's much easier for them. Especially if you're too young to get a job. You would be feeling like, “Everyone else is going to be talking about how awesome this game is...I wonder what it'll be like”, and that feeling of being ENTIRELY left out makes you feel like getting the game for free would be the only way out. BY SAYING THIS; I AM NOT JUSTIFYING PIRACY. But for a lot of people, it's pretty much their only option unless they want to sit out of every game while society mentions games in every other sentence.

Now, onto Crysis 2's situation

Anyone who blames EA for not having enough security to prevent this is a complete moron. You have to realize, if you work at somewhere like EA and have access to the whole game before it's release, there's money to be made. People will offer you lots to release an early build of the game so they can see what's up with it. People will pay big money to see stuff released early or for any form of leaked information.

And honestly, I ran crysis 2. Sorry everyone, I simply wanted to see how well my PC would support it before I spend $50-$60. And I had a very solid 14-16 fps. So I'll be skipping out on Crysis 2 because my PC cannot handle it. I have already deleted all of the files I had and removed of any debris left on my PC from it. It was testing purposes only whether you all believe me or not. I know that those who pirated to actually play it are probably going to convince you that I'm doing the same, but that's really not my intentions.

I could run Crysis 1 pretty well, #2 just won't work.

Also, when Jim was talking about how Crysis 2 made developers hate PC gamers, that's how it is for every console. Every console has games leaked before they're finished. Xbox 360 probably being one of the more accessible leaks. Wii's NSMB was leaked. 360 black ops was leaked.

So in conclusion;

There are a lot of reasons people will pirate; one of them being the cost. Despite the high costs, it's not justifying piracy.
D.R.M. Is a delay tactic. Delay Rational Manuever.
The older the audience, the more likely it is to be pirated.
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