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My Top 5 Favorite Songs in Vidya games

A lot of my favorite games just seem to have great musical scores or just a really epic song or two. Of course, there's probably so many games out there that have music better than what I have listen in this blog, yet I believe these are my favorites so far because they each have their own appeal and are amazing in their own way. In fact, I could probably make this into 10 songs, but that'd make this blog way too vidya heavy. So, let's begin.

#5: Anaconda (Timesplitters 2)

This song is incredibly catchy, and although it may seem a very strange/underdog choice for one of my favorites, it mixes two things I love a lot; Electronica and an upbeat tempo. It's not low or dragging, it seems very happy and optimistic despite the dark future of timesplitters. I watch this video a lot just trying to get this song permanently stuck in my head. Maybe I'm just weird but this song has such a strong grasp on my mind that it just works. I almost always sing along to the tune of this. How could I not?

#4: Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle GC)

I only just recently played this game because of the recommendation of a friend. The music really stood out; the first stage more than the rest. I swear, I played through the first stage about 5000 times by myself and then another 10000 with my sister on multiplayer. I've always kind of loved dreaming about escaping what I was in and this song really promotes it. It'll go down in my memories and my mp3 player forever.

#3: One Winged Angel (FF VII)

I really didn't like FF VII much, honestly. And I get a lot of criticism for it. But you know, the music was gorgeous. One Winged Angel was one prime example of glorious musical creation. The song starts off as though it were a horror movie and switches to a more religious feel with the creepy chanting. This song can really bring the feeling of horror and almost fear against the game's boss Sephiroth. Despite how generic Sephiroth was himself, the song was beautiful in almost every way imaginable.

#2: Three Minutes Clapping (TWEWY)

It took me a while to get TWEWY, and I fell in love with it. The game's soundtrack was gorgeous and this was definitely my favorite song in the entire game; it gave me a feeling that I, myself, HAD to complete the entire game. The beat, the lyrics, everything just falls together in harmony. The lyrics are so metaphorical that it gives me some form of strange ecstasy. It's as though him making up metaphors so much was giving me a feeling of being on speed.

#1: Someday the Dream will End/Fleeting Dream (FFX)

I'm sorry, but where have you been?

My love of FFX can never be fully described, IMO, but the closest I could ever get to describing how much I love it would be to let the person I'm trying to describe it to listen to some of the most wonderful music of FFX. This song, is my example. It's just gorgeous, and it helped me get through some of the toughest times I've ever experienced.

Now it's about to get deep, but at about 1:05-1:06, a tune starts up for the first time in the song. I've hummed that tune when I would cry when I was younger. Now, it works as a stimulant for me whenever I'm getting incredibly angered/saddened over something.

However, there's one song that should also get it's due credit

HONORABLE MENTION: Phendrana Drifts (MP1)

This is one of the few songs that really brings me into the atmosphere of the game and draws me in; making me feel incredibly immersed inside the game. I've even set this to be my alarm every morning, and I wake up blissfully ever since.
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